Monday, March 22, 2010

Vogue Spring/Summer 2010 Review

I know what some of you are thinking . . . "Vogue??". I know I never usually do Vogue Knitting reviews, because I usually don't care to buy Vogue Knitting. I usually never see anything appealing. However, I saw the preview and wanted to purchase it. Link to their preview. Theirs is not as nice as the Interweave Knits one, as I can't provide individual links, nor do they give much info on their website.

Lace Tunic - - Honestly, so extremely disappointed. I watched that season of Project Runway and was a fan of Gordana Gehlhausen. I don't think this fits her fashion sense and it is ridiculously simple. Huge disappointment.

Lace Jacket - - I like the way it looks in the magazine. It looks very dressed up and elegant. In the Vogue 360, it looks bad, but I think that's because the clothing underneath the garment was not considered. I would probably never wear something like this because I don't get dressed up how I think this top deserves.

Lace Capelet - - Not a huge fan of this, but it looks pretty. Just not a fan of capelets in general.

Back Button Pullover - - Okay, there are so many things oddly wrong, but so very close. The V-neck dip in the back and buttoned back simply looks like she has the top on backwards. It would look so much better she turned it around so the back became the front. Then The line goes across the models chest, when it should end under. Unless it will be made with some negative or no ease, one probably wants to add some waist shaping. If those three things were changed, the top would look so very lovely on the model. If you discount these three things, I adore this top and could see wearing it. It has a nice range of sizes too.

Wrap Around Vest - - I love the construction of this top. The 360 view doesn't look too bad, but this is definitely something that would look better form fitting. It is a beautiful design, however, is only available in limited sizes that are small.

Surplice Lacy Top - - I really like this. The design is simple and yet not too much. Definitely want to make sure the ribbing line is under your chest, not across. A nice amount of sizes. I like the thick straps and the scalloped bottom.

Long Jacket - - This looks nice, not sure it looks a jacket/coat like they claim. I think this would look better with maybe a t-shirt and jeans. Kind of think that it would look better in a solid color. Not sure, just doesn't look right with that dress.

Mohair and Ribbon Cardigan - - Ugh! First, the underclothing for this garment make no sense. It misshapes the arm, it looks tacky and frumpy. All of those ruffles are hideous looking, especially in the 360 view. Nothing positive, sorry.

Cropped Cardigan - - Not usually a fan of cropped anything, but I do like this. I think the stitch patterns were well chosen. It looks delicate and yet functional. I think the ribbon is ridiculous though and would disregard that. Sizes are a little to small for me, which is somewhat disappointing.

Checked Cardigan - - Don't care for this. Colors do nothing for me. It is completely shapeless. Basically, nothing special.

Gossamer Cardi - - Again, I love the halo look of the thin yarn, similar to the Interweave Knits item. I like the structured look the seams add to it. Don't look at the 360 unless you want to see a washed out version that is not appealing. How can Vogue have such hideous videos? Don't they pay someone lots of money to make sure the lighting is correct and not so hideous it makes their garments look like crap? Any who, the detail shots in the 360 are nice, but that is all.

Top With Cowl - - I love the fact that the cowl is removable. I like the look of the top in general. Love the little sleeves . . . well, I am not sure there is anything about this top I don't like. Again, the 360 is horrible, except for detail shots because top is washed out and unclear. I could definitely see myself knitting this, except I would need to loose some weight first. Bummer. I doubt it would be hard to do the math myself, but still.

Textured Pullover - - This is okay. Stitch patterns kind of blend into each other just a little too well, but that can be a good thing. The line across the chest, again, is bad, you would want to lower the line under your chest.

Ruffle Sleeve Vest - - Love the look of this. It's just simple enough and girly looking that it appeals to me. The lines of this are very aesthetically pleasing. Yet again, sizing is too small, could probably do math . . .

Cable Neck Cardi - - I like the braided collar, but the necklace in the magazine pic is distracting. Simple, nice, nothing else about it jumps out at me.

Two-Toned Shell - - Looks much better in the 360, which is surprising. I actually like it in the 360. There is some waist shaping and decent sizing. It definitely has potential. I like the short section of white at the top and then the bottom hem in white again. The lack of complicated stitch patterns only improve the look of the item. I could see this as a possible knit.

Shrug - - Okay, nothing particularly striking about it. Smaller sizes.

Vest - - Honestly, I don't really get this. The outfit it is worn with, the large gauge, the rope looking yarn.

Sailor Top - - I like the airy-ness and even the collar. The sleeves and pocket are not flattering. The 360 shows why the magazine model is sitting down. The top is not all that flattering when standing up, it's really all about how it will or will not cling to you. Too iffy, I think.

Lace Stole - - The stitch pattern is nice. Don't do scarves/stoles though.

Lace Tunic - - Honestly, in the preview, this is one of the reasons I bought the magazine. It is beautiful and has a wonderful construction. The sizes are incredibly small though, unfortunately. Not sure it would be worth it to attempt to do the math to make it bigger. Very disappointed.

Sundress - - Wouldn't wear as a dress, but it makes a nice top, as it is shown. I like the stitch pattern chosen for the upper section. Again, small sizes though.

Lace Dress - - There is no way you are going to look good in this unless you are a stick. Even the slender model is probably at the end of the sizes that would look good. Very few will look good in this.

Chevron Scarf - - Lovely and interesting construction.

Striped Scarf - - Okay, nothing special.

Drop Stitch Scarf - - Love the uniqueness of this. I would be tempted to make this even though I am not a scarf knitter. This would probably look good in a variegated yarn or stripes also.

Twin Leaf Scarf - - Okay, nothing special.

Leaf and Berry Scarf - - Don't understand this.

Buttoned Cowl - - Does not look appealing, especially on 360 where pattern is more clear.

Lace Flower Scarf - - Odd that they didn't make the stitch pattern visible in the magazine picture. It is visible on the 360 though. Okay, but nothing special.

L-Shaped Wrap - - Okay as a wrap. Looks better in magazine. Looks more delicate.

Beaded Shawl - - Actually very nice looking. I love the geometric shape and the circular shape inside. I find it very aesthetically pleasing. The trim fits well with the stitch pattern. I would be tempted to make this. It is beautiful, but not excessively so.

Overall, I think there are some lovely designs in the magazine. I am disappointed by the available sizes. For the most part Vogue does better with pairing the pattern items with clothing and accessories that match and look well with the items. The 360 is worth a look, but not always beneficial to the item. Very disappointed with info and pictures otherwise available on site about the patterns/issue. If only Vogue and Interweave could learn a few things from each other. Oh well.


  1. I bought this issue because of the pattern on the title page. I haven't had time to go through it like you did, but I liked the beaded shawl too.

  2. I don't recall ever knitting from a Vogue pattern, but I have admired a couple. I think I decided to subscribe and recently sent in my response card, but I'm not sure...

    It's Monday, and I haven't had coffee yet. Yeah. That's why I have two "I dunnos" above.

  3. I do like some of the things in this issue. Probably won't knit them, but it is fun to look. Some are just odd, but others I like quite a bit. And I don't understand capelets, either.