Monday, March 8, 2010

Pay It Forward Spoilers - PiF recipients beware

First I made crochet scrubbies, because honestly, I loved mine and think everyone should have one:

Each recipient will receive one. I improve the size a bit and I hope they enjoy them.

Next I made these wonderful little purses using this tutorial. I am not as adept with a sewing machine as I would hope, so there are a few hand sewn sections, which made it take longer. Plus, holy heavens, I never imagined Flex Frames for purses to be such an annoyance to put together. Horrible lighting, sorry.

Each purse is around 8"x7.5". I enlarged mine from the original tutorial, because the only decently priced flex frames I could find at the time were 8" ones.

Each one had colors I felt most fit the person, hopefully I am correct.

I am thinking about making one or two more of these purses and giving them away for my blogiversary coming up in a couple months, but if I do, I will probably hand sew the most of it. We shall see.

The flex frame opens up into a hexagon shape. It's stiff to open at first, but after a few times they seemed to loosen up a little.

Each purse also has one of these guys in it and they are holding inside of them some:

of these little stitch markers, which I love.

In the end, I hope everyone enjoys their Pay It Forward gifts, even if they are late. I definitely enjoyed making them!


  1. Every thing is cute. I am sure your people will enjoy them.

  2. Lovely, all of it. Makes me want to be one of the recipient! :o)

  3. Wonderful, thoughtful gifts! I'm sure they'll love them.

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  5. Lovely gifts.I like those scrubbies especially.
    Best regards from India,

  6. The bags came out great! And the scrubbers are sure to come in handy, too. Fun presents!

  7. I am so late in sending my word of thanks, nevertheless, here it is! I arrived home between my weary travels to find a package from you! The next day, I was off again and then my mom came to visit...for a MONTH! Life is back to normal and I am catching up on all of the things to do. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love the thoughtful gift and my colors are perfect!