Monday, March 22, 2010

TAST - - Week 3

This week for TAST 2, was a stitch I unfortunately did not enjoy doing. A little of it is the beads, but mostly, it's because it doesn't look as clean as I would like it to.

Beaded Hedebo Edge

The way the edge is formed, you can't get the stitches in between to bump right up against the bead, instead you see the under stitching. I really didn't like this. It worked better with much larger beads, but then it looked tacky. I only saw one person's example which I liked.

TAST 1 - Week 3

Detached Chain Stitch

I did some chain stitch first and then did a detached chain stitch out of the center of each chain stitch. I like how it turned out.

This is plant-like, alternating sizes of the stitch.

Like grass, coming from one point.

I was a little hesitant with this, but I like how it filled out the shape nicely. I would use this stitch to fill a shape in the future, most likely outlining the shape, but it doesn't seem necessary.

The shape of an eye with varying heights of the stitch and a back stitch between each one.

Family Stitches of the Detached Chain Stitch - - I didn't do all of them on the list, as I have been sick this week, when am I not sick lately, oh well feeling better now. I am also trying to not push aside all other crafts for embroider. You will eventually see the other family stitches, in time.

Feathered Chain Stitch

Loved the delicacy of this stitch.

It also moves along curves well. Will definitely use this stitch in the future.

Open Chain Stitch

To fully understand how to do this stitch I had to search for more of an explanation. This page was very beneficial.

I like this stitch, not so interesting straight, but is lively when moving along a shape.

Zigzag Chain Stitch

I liked this stitch too. Whether compacted together and short or spread out and long, the stitches in this design were very appealing to me. Another stitch I will use when I begin my crazy quilting.

When I have some time and some more money to invest in embroidery thread, I would love to try this Embroidery Shading. Not sure if I'd like it, but I would love to try it.


  1. The chain stitching is beautiful. I have to agree with you that the beads just aren't enhancing anything.

  2. Your chain stitches are great! If you can find the time, try the shading lessons, they are great. I started them too and finished 3 elements, but I still have to do the other ones. I already learned a lot in the few examples I made. But it's very time consuming, a small berry took me more than an hour to complete!

  3. Interesting... Looking good! You are right the one straight not so much but if you curve it it looks much better.

  4. I really like those, how do you like working with the beads, I want to try that :)

  5. I see what you mean on the first one, but the others are great, especially the chain stitch!

  6. I have seen all of your TAST 2 work and like it. The original TAST stitches too are good.

    Two sets should keep you busy. Have fun.