Friday, March 5, 2010

TAST2 - Week 1

As I mentioned before, I joined TAST2. The first week stitch came out and I have been working on it.

Diamond Stitch

I tried some different sizes and different colors.

I like this, but obviously my tension needs some work. I think this might look good in variegated thread. I just alternated the sizes of the diamonds.

I really loved the look of the diamonds overlapping each other. This is definitely something I want to use when I try out my crazy quilting and embroidering.

Since I missed the first year of TAST(Take A Stitch Tuesday), I am also trying to work on those. I will try coordinate weeks, so this week I am doing week one of year one, while I work on week one of year two.

Herringbone and Variations.

I didn't try out as much with each variation because I do have a little experience with this stitch, from Christmas gifts. However, I do love this stitch.

Just regular Herringbone.

Herringbone stacked. I really like the look of this and think this would be another one that might look good in variegated thread.

Double Herringbone Stitch or also called Indian Herringbone Stitch

Same stitch, different colors. I really liked this stitch. Time consuming though.

This is the same stitch, only with both layers the same color and more spread out.

Here I tried the same as above, only not weaving it under the first row.

Also called Double Herringbone. This worked better when I used smaller stitches toward the end with the overlapping color.

Twisted Lattice Band. This was the most frustrating. Tension is very important here, not only consistent tension but having the correct tension. The top looks better than the bottom because I was finally getting the hang of it. I can see how this stitch would look lovely, but I don't think it'll be one that I "jump" to use like some of the others.

Overall, I am really enjoying my embroidering so far. I am using just some thin white muslin I have left over from the Fibers class that I took. I am using one strand of embroidery floss, except for in a couple areas. I am not using a hoop, although I did think about it, but I would like not to have the fabric and such stretched out of shape. It takes more concentration for me to have the correct tension without the hoop though. Can't wait to see what next weeks stitch is.


  1. I did cross stitch and embroidery for many, many years before a dye lot problem and a knitter friend collided and my hobby world was forever changed.

    That's lovely. I wonder if my floss and muslin will ever call to me again?

  2. Those are fun stitches. I love how each modification makes them look so different. It's been a long time since embroidery called my name, but it is pretty to look at!

  3. I like your overlapped diamond stitches and the example with the differently sized stitches. Great ideas. For a momemt I thought that I could try what you do - TAST 1 + TAST 2 simultaneously - but that would be to much for me. But I am looking forward to watch your stitching. Thanks for sharing.

  4. your overlapped diamond stitch is too good

  5. The look of embroidery stitching is so appealing. Your samples look very nice!

  6. I like the diamond stitches overlapping eachother. Your herringbones look great too. I just finished the old TAST last week, but I started in 2008 after the challenge was finished. It's great that you work them both.

  7. I like the overlapping stitches too.