Saturday, May 29, 2010

Baker's Dozen Square for May

The Member of the Month for the Bakers Dozen group I am in on Ravelry was interested in free form crochet and cables. I chose to work with cables. I am not comfortable with free form crochet and had not learned how to do crochet cables yet. May's person liked the color combination of bright green with purple as one of her color choices, which fit exactly in with some yarn I had.

Yarn 1:Sockotta
Color: 816 (Spring Green)
Content: 45% cotton, 40% super-wash, 15% nylon
Care: Machine wash cold, tumble dry

Yarn 2: Panda Silk
Color: 4006 (variegated plum/pink)
Content: 52% bamboo, 43% super-wash, 5% combed silk
Care: Machine wash cold, lay flat

Hook: US 00 / 3.5mm

Pattern: My own after learning crochet cabling from YouTube.

Here was my first attempt. I liked this, but it was using too much yarn and I wouldn't have enough to make my 12x12 inch square. I was running each yarn between the rows so each row was a different color so I could make the cables just purple.
BD May

My second and successful attempt. With a granny square configuration, each row could more easily be a different color. This also worked better because May's person liked drape and this made the square have much more drape.
BD May

BD May

A close-up of the center where I started as a circle before morphing into a square.
BD May

A close-up of one of the cables. I love the way the cabling is actually worked into every other row but it looks like it was attached later.
BD May

I really enjoyed learning this technique and will definitely use it in the future. This square was more frustrating in some ways, learning a new technique, but I enjoyed it. I also think the color combination worked out well. I did think about using the green for the cables instead, but the green was a more stable yarn and worked better for being the dominant yarn used.


  1. Wow. I'm thoroughly impressed!! That's something else to add to my to-try list.

  2. How wonderful the cables work. I love cables.

  3. Interesting. I really like how the crochet cables "pop." One of these days I might just try crochet again (it was my first fiber love, long before I could stand knitting...funny how things like that work out...).