Thursday, May 6, 2010

Interweave Knits - Summer 2010

Well, guess what was in my mail box . . . Interweave Knit Summer 2010 issue.

~Counterpane Blouse - - There are elements of this I like. I like the lace square in the back, the lace makes it look nice and breezy. I want to like it, but it looks to me like maternity wear. The side view in the magazine makes it look like any chubbiness would make the wearer look pregnant, not the look I am looking for.

~Jali Cardigan - - I like this, I would probably even wear this in a different color. It's design features fit the purpose of the garment perfectly. It looks like a nice and comfortable cardigan. I like the simple stitch detail, it is just complicated enough to look fancy, but not over designed. The welted front band makes a nice edge with not curling.

~Empyrean Tunic - - I love the look of this, although I am not sure how practical it would be. I love the transparency and the drape it has. However, I tend to wear my clothing without a great deal of attention to the delicacy. I would probably ruin this the first time I wore it. Still would be tempted to knit it . . . especially in a nice neutral color.

~Marigold Sweater - - I adore this top. I love the vintage look. The stitch pattern looks more complex up close, but fits the design perfectly. It would be nice if the sizes went up farther.

~Impasto Shawlette - - This is nice, but I think I like it mostly because of the colors used. Otherwise, it is a nice, simple, small shawl.

~Ruth's Tee - - I like this one. A nice top to layer over a tank top. I like that the lace looks sturdy and not easily damaged, basically I could wear it and probably not ruin it the first time. This would be nice in a neutral color and wear colored tanks under it. Although I would probably make this in a bunch of different colors. It is meant to be worn with no ease or negative, still I would need to make it a little larger than the largest size given in the pattern to make it comfortable or aggressively block it.

~Lacy Leaf Satchel - - Not really a bag person, myself. Even if I was, I don't think I like the detail of the bottom lace opening up to reveal another stitch pattern. It looks grandmotherly to me.

~Stria Art Jacket - - I don't really care for this. I am willing to admit that I might not be able to look past all the pink. I can't tell how well it really fits as it looks a little too big on her. It might look better if the bands were done in a different color, maybe a contrasting one. It blends in a little too well with the dominant color.

~Persephone Shell - - I think this has potential to look nice in the right situation. I think this top would look better on larger chested girls, as is, it emphasizes the lack of endowment on the model. Gosh, that is hard to word and not sound insulting to the model. The top looks like it is mean to accentuate ones chest, which means it will accentuate what isn't there as well. This I think would look better with a color scheme similar to the previous shirt, maybe a light blue on the top and then the rest of the top be a medium blue.

~Teacup Pinafore - - This looks cute. As always, not real sure about kids cloths, since I don't have any kids. It looks like it would be a nice dress though, except maybe around the sleeves and neck. That just seems a bit over designing to me.

~Intrepid Pullover - - A nice simple pullover. Looks maybe a tad big for the boy it's on.

~Singalong Sweater - - Looks nice, although I don't know many boys who like 3/4 sleeves. Not sure that the colorwork in it would go over well with children of that age as it makes it look like a homemade sweater.

~Florentine Dress - - I find this adorable. I would do a different color combination because I think the yellow and red are a little too contrasty for a small child. It looks nice and flowing, so it would be easy to move and play in. I like the design features that make the dress almost look like sewn material.

~Petite Feet - - A free download from Interweave Knits.

~Box 96 Pullover - - I like this. I like the repetition of shape with the neckline and then the bottom. The crisscross over the neckline would be flattering on most body types. This doesn't look like maternity wear, but would probably work great as maternity wear also. My only trouble is you would have to layer as it is probably too revealing without layering. The neckline could be brought up, but there would be more calculations involved to make the crossover hit at the waist still.

~Gamine Tank - - I really love the look of this on the model. I don't think it would look as nice on me or probably on most people. This is definitely a top for slender women with smaller chests and if I was one of them, I would most definitely make myself one of these. It perfectly emphasizes soft and subtle curves that are almost not there. I have a feeling in anyone who had larger curves, it would accentuate it badly.

~Thoroughbred Stripe Pullover - - It doesn't really stand out to me as anything special. A nice man's sweater, but basic.

~Nautilus Mitts - - Nifty-ish design, but don't much care for it. It doesn't seem to fit the hands well, it's geometrically awkward.

~Essential Cardigan - - A very nice, simple sweater. Really, really like this. I would probably add some waist shaping, just because I would prefer not to look quite so boxy. And I would shorten the sleeves to just above elbow length. This would make a lovely work sweater. Will have to look through my stash to see if I can manage this.

~Buttercream Jacket - - I love the soft and comfy look this has. A jacket that would look good on multiple body types and would make a great work sweater. My mind is on work cloths, can you tell? The detail on the jacket is nice and not over done. The ribbing makes shaping not as needed, but it might be beneficial to add in if you are shapely.

~Lace Saddle Tee - - Looks nice and simple. Nothing in particular grabs my attention. The sleeves seem a little bunchy.

~Daisy-Stitch Tunic - - I like this. I like the side vents and the neck. I would probably add sleeves, probably 3/4 or full length. As a larger girl, no sleeves doesn't always look good. I like how it looks dressy, but also casual.

~Picnic Cardigan - - I'm not much of a cropped top kind of person. It looks okay.

~Ambrosia Cardigan - - I don't like this. I don't think anything that an adult wears should be held together with hook and eye closures. I don't like how far the front dips down, it would look good on so few people. It would probably look ridiculous on anyone with a large chest. I do like the cabling. If the neckline was raised significantly and a zipper was installed instead, it might be a good cardigan.

~Beach House Pullover - - Doesn't this look comfy?!?!?!?! Part of it is the yarn that was used to knit this, but this looks like a very comfy pullover. There isn't any waist shaping, but this isn't really the type of sweater that needs it. It's definitely a curl up on the couch or jean and sneakers type of sweater. Love the collar.

~ A Better Buttonhole by TECHknitter - - a nice article on buttonholes and how to work them.

Interesting Info:
~I like the fact that they have a photo index at the end of the magazine for quick reference.

Overall, this seems to be a better issue than some previous ones. I like a few things in here enough to want to knit them. There were a lot less ridiculous items and these were better paired with proper clothing. This is definitely a better issue.

This reminds me though that I forgot to do my review for Interweave Crochet Spring 2010, so I will do that in the next few days also.


  1. Another one? Seems like the last one just came out! Off to check it out!

  2. I have THREE unread knitting magazines waiting for me this weekend. Thanks for the preview!