Thursday, June 24, 2010

Crochet Lace Innovations Review

Crochet Lace Innovations by Doris Chan.

Here is the Ravelery link to her patterns in this book. I am not sure if you can look at this page if you are not a member.

I took a few patterns that I like and talked about them and my overall opinion of the book. I did forget to say that these patterns vary in levels of difficulty.

This is my first book review doing the Video Blogging and I use some editing software that was completely new to me. If there were things you liked or have some constructive criticism about I would love to hear your opinions. I would like to do reviews like this in the future and would love some feedback.


  1. Love the video pattern book review. Gives me a much better idea than just a "verbal" review. I keep saying I'm going to try crocheting clothing, but I haven't gotten around to it.

  2. Lovely. I've crochet clothes before and I'm have opinions about it - I think it's faster than knitting, but takes more yarn. g

  3. Thanks I love the way you did this. I love the skirt and the grey jacket! I wouldn't have normally looked at this book.
    Going to go check out what it looks like on Ravelry.