Sunday, June 20, 2010

Video Blogging Episode #3

~Bakers Dozen Square
~Echo Flower Shawl = half way through 6th repeat
~Cloud Chaser = Going to swatch this week to see if my yarn would work.
~Sewn Animals = Some of these will definitely be made in the near future.
~Embroidery = Going to start a crazy quilting piece this week, hopefully!
~Reviews = will hopefully be doing at least 3 review this week. I want them to be a certain way, so I need to find some appropriate editing software.


  1. What yarn for Cloud Chaser? I REALLY want to make that, but I'm trying not to buy more yarn...

  2. Crazy quilting also! Your a maniac!

  3. It's exciting that you found the yarn for Cloud Chaser! That's precisely what stashes are for, right?

    Check out Susan B. Andersons Itty Bitty series while you're on your toy kick. They are /very/ cute.

  4. Can't wait to see what you do with the stuffed animals. I would be hopelessly lost!

    Have fun visiting with your sister!