Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Inspirations

So these would normally have been posted yesterday as Sunday Inspirations, but since I didn't have a chance to video blog until yesterday they have been pushed to today.

Cloud Chaser - - This is a new pattern put out by Amy Swenson. I am honestly loving this! If I had the funds to buy the appropriate type of yarn to make it, I would be casting on today. I love the layer aspect of it. The drape is wonderful. Definitely a nice balance with the cables. Love, love, love it. Would probably try to make it in a medium/dark gray and would wear it to work.

Reverse Applique : at the end of Heidi's post she talks about an art teachers reverse applique. Love it. It is beautiful. Never thought about doing it the other way around. I would like to try this sometime!


  1. I have NINE windows open at the moment. Cloud Chaser is the most recent. I think I need it.

  2. Cloud chaser is lovely. I especially like the back neck and the sideways cable at the bottom hem. Something to put on the "someday" list...

  3. Cloud Chaser is fabulous! I could totally see it in grey as the go-to cover up.

    Do you follow "Artsy Craftsy Mom?" She is doing a sew along with reverse applique made from t-shirt knits. Very pretty. g

  4. ah, yes! Cloud Chaser is a definite. Love your new blog look!

  5. Wow cloud chaser is very pretty, and has me looking at it more, trying to decide how it is made. I like how different it is, (in a good way different)

  6. I'm glad you like Cloud Chaser! I had a great time designing it. xoxo!