Monday, June 28, 2010

Video Blogging #4

~Raw Edge Circle Quilt

~Cloud Chaser


  1. Thanks, you are so sweet! Hopefully soon we will be in need of that little blanket! Fingers crossed!

  2. Those were the colors/squares from the other post, right!?

    Love the start of cloud chaser. I still need to see if I have enough of any yarn that might give me that gauge...

  3. ahhh, you keep tempting me with the all of the cloud chaser talk. I would love to make it...trying to finish up other projects first!

  4. I think those colors will be nice for a quilt. You will get yours done before mine.
    Got that durn Fleur De Lis done, now I'm ready to felt it.
    The black sweater will go with so much. Looks good.

  5. Hope you're feeling better! 85% humidity is enough to make anyone sick!

    Cloud chaser looks good so far...I noticed that you said "for the first one" - I take it there may be more than one?