Sunday, November 27, 2011

Completely Cauchy

I haven't done a blog review in a long time, but one of the things I love about the blog-o-sphere is finding new and unique people that I wouldn't have known otherwise. There is a vast amount of wonderfully crafty people and just plain wonderful people.

I have found the blog Completely Cauchy through another blog I read, Knotty bits and her post on Dropping F Blocks.

So I clicked on over to the Completely Cauchy blog and loved as I clicked through her old blog posts. I love it when there is a blog that just seems like it clicks with you and this definitely does. I love her attitude and blogging style . . . humorous, informative, and genuine. I appreciate blogs that are about more than just one craft, since I also enjoy a multitude of crafts.

Some of the posts I like:

~BQF-Hearth is about a wonderful blanket she made with old scraps from pants. I love not only how the blanket turned out, but her approach with color and the beauty of making the old pants new.

~Zum Ziggity is about the scrap crochet blanket she made going off of this pattern. I loved how hers turned out and that she used irregular steps in the afghan. It reminds me kind of like layers of earth over the many thousands of years. I am going to have to make something based off of this . . . maybe some hand towels or pot holders.

~How I Smurfed My Kitchen is about her experience with dyeing with indigo. She doesn't do a step by step but she does provide some very useful information and links to the product she used, which I am now considering trying come summer when I do some dyeing. Her pictures are good and she talks about some different dyeing techniques, such as tying and using acrylic shapes. It all makes my miss my fiber class I took in college.

~Curried Socks Diary Part 1 is where she begins her journey of dyeing some sock yarn with Turmeric. Lovely!

~Dyeing using Neon Food Color for her dyeing, which I don't think I have ever seen those, but will now have to look for them!

~The Behemoth is a lovely crocheted log cabin inspired blanket and I love it!

Anyways, there are many more and I recommend giving her blog a look! If you are offending by profanity, maybe not, but I think it is done in a tasteful way.


  1. I've been following Chawne on flickr for a long time, and enjoy her blog and especially her creativity in general.

  2. She had me at the name...Completely Cauchy is a wonderfully geeky handle to knit by. =)

    The log cabin blanket is great. I've really been liking the contrast of very dark and very bright colors lately, and that one definitely qualifies!

  3. It's such a comforting feeling to re-read your favorite blogs no? Even if they're considered as "old posts" it still feels new each time.