Friday, November 11, 2011

Me, Unrealistic?

So I do realize that some of my crafting ideas are a little out there sometimes.  Especially when you do a Google search and like only one other person can you find that was crazy enough to think of actually attempting to do the same thing.  I tend to think I can accomplish anything craftual so long as I take a good approach.  So I ask this question to you all, my lovely knowledgeable readers . . . who can give me a good smack upside the head if this idea is just too ridiculous.

To start, let me explain that went from 70 degrees on Wednesday to only 30 today, there were even snow flurries!  Yes, that dreaded four letter word.  (True it was an unseasonable warm week before this temperature drop, but still.)  Any who, I had to break out the gloves, because it was just too cold and I am already a person that gets cold easily.  Now I have to admit though . . . yes, I have been knitting for years, no I have never knitted myself real gloves.  Yes, I wear the cheap acrylic $2 ones.  Now you can see how my fingers still stay cold, just not quite as cold.

This wasn't as big of a deal in the past, because I could always stick my hands in my pockets also.  However, the Wook goes on 40 minutes walks and I have to hold the giant retractable leash thing. Since that thing is way to big for my pockets, my hands are not so warm.

My concern is, I am harsh on my gloves, which is why it benefits me to buy the $2 ones.  I am not interested in knitting myself gloves when I will undoubtedly snag, tear, etc them within the first week.  So I have a theory of felted gloves.  Know I know you see many felted mittens, but mittens really aren't my thing.  There is only one pattern on Ravelry for felted gloves and I'm not sure I trust it, plus it is a pay and I will ship you a copy of the pattern type thing.  Not so interested in that either.

I realize that to make such a thing would be a huge venture.  Knitting a swatch, felting it, lots of math with the hands, knitting ginormous gloves, and felting them.  So the question I pose, does anyone think it would be worth it??

Here are my very real concerns:

Is it possible to felt that accurately?

Would the felted wool make the material too thick for comfortable gloves, meaning will there be too much material between each finger due to the condensing of the fibers?

I wouldn't want the ribbing felted as then it seems it would defeat the purpose of being ribbing.  Would it be possible to use a superwash wool for the cuffs?  Or maybe attach cuffs after the felting process?

Here are my justifications:

Felted gloves would so be worth it!

I would definitely make sure to do a few swatches and felting of the swatches to insure accuracy.  Plus, if I didn't think it was going to work by this stage I could just bail out here, not too much time lost.

 Please weigh in and give me your thoughts, do you agree, disagree, have different concerns, or even have different justifications . . . trust me any thoughts would help!  :)


  1. No clue but you do know you can buy nice gloves that will last years and years. I said twenty five bucks for my snow boarding gloves ten years ago and they are good as new today. They are water proof and keep my hands nice and warm. Just a thought in case you can't make what you were talking about above.

  2. I'm sorry I can't be of help. I haven't knit gloves yet, and do not think I would tackle knitting them and felting them! My fingers get so cold in gloves (used to wear store bought ones), I rather use mittens, helps to keep them warmer.
    What I always have done, I use only 6 feet leather leashes for walking the dogs, and have the loop on my wrist. I can put my hands inside the pockets that way when it really gets cold.

  3. Totally clueless here, but your theory makes sense...


  4. Heh. I'm the wrong person to ask if something is realistic in crafting. I'm with you; if you're willing to test it, then I just assume it can be done. My biggest concern would be in the thickness of the final product, but if you knit with a finer yarn I don't see why that can't be overcome. No idea on how possible it is to felt accurately (I have felted only once). I think you can put felted objects on while they're wet to stretch them to the right shape, though. Don't know how much that helps, but it might do the trick.

    What about felting and then seaming? Or, mittens with flip tops so you can still have access to your fingers?

    I'm also facing the sudden need for something to keep my hands warm, combined with a general dislike for mittens. I may be following you along this glove-making path sooner than I'd like!

  5. Well I don't know the answer to that, but have you seen the super cute wool retractable leash holder? It's free through ravelry. g