Monday, November 7, 2011

Knitty Deep Fall 2011 Review

I'm not exactly sure when the Knitty Deep Fall 2011 came out, but here is my review.


~Takoma - - A little more oversized in the shoulder area than I care for, but I do like the look of this sweater otherwise. I would probably not do the full 4" of ease, maybe 2. I would definitely like to knit this, different colors though, maybe some fall colors. I love the collar.

~When Sampson met Lila - - I actually like this. The close fit of the body with the loose, cowl like collar is nice. LOVE the texture on the cowl! I love even more that the cowl is part of the sweater and not some separate piece.

~The Candles - - This is an okay long cardigan. I'm not so sure I like the use of the colorwork as shaping, it just doesn't look right to me somehow, plus it's unreliable as different people will have different tension doing colorwork. I don't much care for the arrows, maybe if it was a different color design. I like the yoke, plain, but well knit/designed.

~Tenney Park - - I like the entrelac in this sweater, however, I am not so sure how I feel about it being attached to the sweater afterwards and not somehow being more of an extension from the sweater. I don't so much enjoy sewing pieces together, nor do I think they are as durable.

~Friendly Grey - - I am all for texture, but this is just too much. Plus there is no shaping and just doesn't seem to fit very well.

~Flugel - - This might be nice if it was a fitted sweater, but it is super baggy and the super wide arms are just not flattering. The model is slender and it isn't flattering, a plus size person is definitely not going to look good in this.

~Vignette - - I think this sweater has cute potential. I would probably either make the sleeves elbow length, wrist length, or make the taper at their 2/3rds length. The bell out look isn't so much appealing to me. I like the lace used, but I think it would be nice if the lace went around the collar on the back too. Again, not so much for all that seaming, it would be much nicer if it could be knit as one piece.

~Auguste - - I actually really like this as a man's sweater. I would not do a purple color like that. Otherwise, I would make the sleeves longer and work this in the round. I really like this though.

~Microprocessor - - I like the colorwork on these socks and that she provides different sizes. The "boomerang" heel looks interesting to try out also.

~Glomerata - - The lace designs are pretty and it is nice to have different sizes available. It's a little over girly for me, but I could see potentially knitting these for someone else.

~Paper Moon - - Simple and appealing, I definitely like them. I like the cabling, simple and not overwhelming along with the garterstitch looking area. Plus, how can I resist a good pattern in a lovely orange???

~Mortar - - Still not a fan of cowls, but I love the texture the deign creates.

~Semi-precious - - A lovely shawl, with different lace designs that work well together.

~Apis Dorsata - - Another lovely shawl. I really love the texture on this one! I will definitely end up knitting this at some time.

~Callette - - I like the flow and design of this shawl. Although it is knit more like a stole and I usually don't have the patience for knitting like that. Although I think this would look really lovely is some brighter handpainted yarn that was more a reminder of more colorful birds. This is a maybe.

~Mathematix - - I really love this! I like the way the different sections of colorwork are done and work together.

~Alda - - I personally am not a fan of this, nor would I wear it, but I can see how it might appeal to some people. . . people more girly/feminine than I am. I even thing my niece Justice might like this if it was in shades of yellow, red, and orange.

~After the Rain - - As always, not much a fan of mittens. I like the color and the way it was used. Might be a good gift project. My only concern is that the wrist band of the mittens look loose on the woman in the first picture and that would need to be rectified.

~Tambroso - - More mittens, The design is kind of interesting.

~Spatterdash - - Sideways knitted wristwarmers/gauntlets. I am not so much a fan of this look. Especially all of those buttons that are needed, there is no way in the world that it is convenient.

~Lithuanian Wristers - - I am not so much a fan of wrist warmers, because it's my fingers I am interested in keeping warm, but I do like the beaded designs and would be tempted to make a pair just to be able to try out the beading.

~Ogiku - - I really like the colorwork in this. This style of hat always worries me though as to how well it will fit my head.

~Weeping Willow - - It is an interesting design and I like the colorwork, but probably not something I would knit. Size goes completely off of how thick the yarn is and your needle size.

~Kiwi - - I think these are cute, but then I like it when they have toys. Not sure it I'd actually knit one though as they are a little odd looking!

Overall, seems like a good issue!  Please go have a look and let me know what you think.


  1. Sigh. Blogger says I am me but I do have access here. Whatever.

    I agree with everything, except I'm not sure about the cowl on Sampson. I love cowls... maybe if I did it all in one color?


  2. I have Apis Dorsata on my needles, but I think I'll rip it out, and start over with some other yarn. I really like this scarf/shawl, but somehow don't get to knit on it. There are several patterns I'd like to knit eventually.

    How's Wookie?