Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Inspirations

Another wonderful quote!

I know Halloween has passed already, but some things are cute enough to remember for next year:

These adorable Fanged Pumpkins are just too perfect.

We do not have enough room in our small apartment for a dining room table, but when we get a house these homemade Placemats and Napkins will be something I make.

I always thought I would enjoy an Inkle Loom so why not build one myself?! We shall see, but I just may have to do it.

I will admit that I tried paper piecing with sewing and wasn't any good at it. My mind has a hard time wrapping around it, I think this is due to my not so good relationship with geometry. This Circle of Geese Block is almost enough to make me willing to try it again.

I am also loving this Retro Potholder Tutorial! I can definitely see this in some lovely color combos!

Recipes I'd like to try:

This Alfredo Sauce sounds delicious and interesting.

I love the idea of sweets in smaller serving sizes, so these Gluten Free Cake Pops sound delicious. I'll admit I tried making cake pops back in the time of gluten and failed miserably, so hopefully second time will be the charm!

I was never really too much of soup person, but since going gluten free I appreciate a good soup even more. I miss chowders, like this Corn Cheese Chowder.

The husband and I use to eat granola bars all the time. Only I was and still am quite picky about them. The only type of granola bars that I can find gluten free are ones that are a little more nutty/earthy than I care for. So I am looking forward to using this Granola recipe as a spring board for making my own. Because boy do I miss them!

A lovely Chinese take-out food that I miss is the Crab Ragoon. This will definitely be something I have to try to make.


  1. I need to send a friend here. She's trying gluten free right now...


  2. I made the Corn Cheese Chowder today, after I followed the link. I had to blend it, so my son would eat it too. I thought it was delicious. I'm glad there's some left over. Not for those who want to loose weight though. :o)

  3. Those pumpkins are cute! I like the warty gourds the best.

    I've never gotten into paper piecing. I like geometry, even, but sewing through paper just seems strange to me. I do have to try it someday, can make some beautiful things with paper piecing!