Saturday, January 7, 2012

Brush with death?

Ugh, so yesterday, Friday was scary.  I had a severe allergic reaction to something at work and had the worst allergic reaction I have had so far in my life.  Worse part is, I am not sure what set it off.  As far as I know, I didn't come in contact with anything angora.  In fact, I have to wonder if it was something I inhaled because the reaction was so quick.  It was only about 3-4 minutes between realizing I was having a reaction to I couldn't stand up because my airway was almost completely closed. 

I wasn't even able to do my epi-pen myself, due to being on the verge of passing out, so someone at work had to do it for me.  My airway started opening back up and I was feeling better.  First responders showed up and had a hard time finding a pulse. . . always a comfort.  Then the Ambulance showed up and they said I was still too shaky and needed to go to the hospital.  In the ambulance waiting to leave, my allergic reaction flared back up and they gave me medicine mixed with the oxygen they were already giving me.  It wasn't helping enough, so they gave me something else and steroids, still not helping fast enough.  I ended up having like a panic attack because I could barely get any air.  The medic in the back with me had to call a doctor and see if it was okay to give me some amount of Benadryl also.  Shortly after I had the Benadryl things started feeling better.  Things slowly got better after that.  By the time we were at the hospital I was mostly okay.  They gave me another drug and kept me hooked up to machines and oxygen.  They had me wait there for 2 hours while they observed me, out of concern that I may flare up again after the drugs wore off some.  But I was okay, in fact, all of it was so exhausting, plus some of the drugs make you drowsy, that I slept most of the time at the hospital.  Then walked home, the hospital is only like 3 blocks away from my house.

Boy was it scary though.  It's not comforting to know that I may have some unknown allergy that can react that quickly.  Usually if it's angora, I have hives or itch at the point of contact, but I didn't have any of that.  Plus, this time, I went into a coughing fit right before my airway started to close.  I have a follow up appointment Tuesday with my normal doctor and to get another prescription for an epi-pen. 

My husband has told me that I need to go get an allergy test.  I have been avoiding doing this like the plague.  Why you ask?  One, I don't want to experience that un-pleasantry.  Secondly, I already hate having as many allergies that I know I have. . . I don't really want to know that I am even worse.  I apologize to others with allergies, as this is not meant as an insult to you . . . but doesn't it just get on your nerves some times that your body tries to kill you over stupid things all the time!?!?!?  Well, I definitely find it annoying.  But the fear of this potential unknown allergy that acts this quick is just too scary, so I will get the stupid allergy test if my doctor thinks I should.

Unfortunately, I scared the crap out of my co-workers and was banned from coming into the mandatory overtime today.  Which in a way is good, because I am still pretty exhausted today, even after sleeping for 11 hours last night.  But is bad, because now I will just be that much more behind on all my work!  Plus, I have to miss Tuesday for my doctors appointment.  Ah, such is life!

I hope all of you had a better start to your weekend!  :)


  1. Scary!! I'm glad the co-worker administered the epi-pen. I too refuse to get allergy tests, so I understand completely...

  2. That sounds very scary! I'm glad you are alright now though. I understand what you mean with the allergy test taking. I haven't done one so far, but I have a Penicillin allergy, am sensitive to onions and its family, and each summer is getting worse now with allergies. I hate that too.

    Hope you'll figure it out what it was that set it off, otherwise couldn't it happen again at your work place?

  3. Get the test, it is better to know. Especially there are simple things like a perfume floating around that make you react that quickly. Not to sure how I feel about you returning to work prior to having a new pen either! Your work will always be there, health is always more important, you know I am right. Better to be busy and alive...... Right?

  4. So glad I started reading the post realizing you wrote it and knew you were ok :)

    Missed you :)

  5. Oh my...that is scary. I too find it terribly annoying that my body goes so far out of its way to make me uncomfortable for no good reason. Fortunately I don't have any allergies that severe, though.

    I had an allergy test a year ago. It wasn't bad at all, really, besides the insane itchiness while my arms puffed up. (Of course, my symptoms don't entirely match the test results, so it's hard to say how much I gained...) Not knowing won't change whether or not you have the allergy, and knowing might help you avoid it.