Wednesday, January 4, 2012


My adventures in Sushi rolls has taught me many useful lessons in just on night. First, look at the pretty sushi that turned out, then we will talk about the opportunities for improvement.

Here are my very first two sushi rolls.  Rice, seaweed sheets, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, and crab mixture(canned crab, light hellman's mayo, and sweet chili sauce)

Here with the seaweed on the outside.

And here with the seaweed on the inside and sesame seeds on the outside.

I think they look pretty enough and they taste good, but definitely plenty of room for improvement.

Lessons learned:

1. Canned crab is not worth it! Picking out little pieces of shell just a waste of time, next time will be shrimp.

2. Because I waited too long to make my sushi, my avocados and cucumber had gone bad!

3. The rice was easier to make than I expected.

4. I need more practice.

Will keep you updated on the Sushi adventures, as I have many ideas.  For New Years Eve I had ordered out my Sushi and had a grilled beef and mushroom sushi roll that was super yummy!  Now that I now it's not too hard, I can plan better in the future.

Any ideas or recommendations?


  1. We love making sushi. My favorite is the tamago - eggs beaten with a little salt, sugar, and mirin (rice wine), cooked in a solid sheet, and then sliced up. Cucumber and avocado is also a favorite around here. There are infinite things to try!

  2. Wonderful. I am with you can o crab is can o Yuck. Fresh or go with something else. If you need to buy avocado early just get one that isn't ripe yet that way it doesn't go bad. That mushroom and beef sounds wonderful. Always fun to try new things.

  3. I'm not a fan of sushi, but grilled beef & mushroom? Do tell...