Monday, January 9, 2012

No Excuses

I have to admit that my love for the show The Biggest Loser has been hit or miss over the years.  Some times it seems that they just deviate too far into the drama and not enough focus is on the healthy.  I watched the first episode of this season though and love the motto . . . "No Excuses".  I am going to try to remind myself of this as I try to get healthy.  Plus, I love that Dolvett is back, he's such a cutie.  I have to admit, I was a true Jillian fan.  Definitely was not an Anna Kournikova fan at all.  The other two trainers they had a couple of seasons ago were okay, but I don't think they were real Biggest Loser trainers.

I try to watch the episodes while I am working out, usually on Hulu, because this makes me want to work harder and longer. I know that it's not necessarily healthy to work out as much as they do, but I know I need to work out longer and harder than I do, so it's good motivation.  Plus, I figure, if they can muster the energy to work out 6-10 hours a day, then I can go another 10-20 minutes longer!  :)

They always say it's better to work out for yourself, than try to loose the weight for someone else.  I admit that I was partially trying to loose weight before because I wanted to be in better shape to have a baby.  However, with all my allergy/health issues, I do not think I want a biological child or maybe any child anymore.  (All the more attention to lavish on my nieces and nephew!)  I don't know if I am emotionally strong enough to handle a child that has issues like me or worse.  I know, sounds weak, but it's true.  In a lot of areas, I am not a very strong person, I only act like I am.  Plus, my husband worries enough about me with these allergies, if we had a child that was similar or worse, he'd probably have a stroke, heart attack, or mental break down.

In another words, the workouts and the eating are now about me, not a potential future child.  I want to be healthy for me, for my future.  So there are no excuses.


  1. Haven't watched a moment of that show, ever. MJ loves it though, and every week, tries to talk to me about it as though I do watch it... ;)

  2. First I am with you on the show. I haven't watched at all since they had the other to trainers. Too much drama. I liked when it was about health, work outs, and the numbers. Second I understand, it is hard having a child with allergies and other stuff. The worry is tough. Not knowing is tough. We tried peanut butter for the first time yesterday and I almost had a stroke.

  3. Doing things for yourself is always a great place to start. I understand the baby thing, too. People always look at me funny when I say I don't want to pass on these genes, but it is a major factor to consider. Healthier is better either way, though!