Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday Inspirations

Crafty Inspirations:

This Pear Shaped Coin Purse is adorable and made a little larger would make an adorable project bag also!

Love the look of this Crazy Stitching!

I love this Ball made from Hexagons! I want to make one, ten, or twenty!

Recipe Inspirations:

Scallion Meatballs with Soy Ginger Glaze, does that not just sound yummy even without seeing the picture? Makes me hungry.

I have never had a Cassoulet, but it sounds interesting. Plus, it sounds filling and potentially good to take for lunch!

Okay, people, I am going to admit to you that once upon a past, I was a Ho-Ho addict. Yes, yes, I was. Now I have found a gluten free recipe for yes . . . Ho-Hos. I am so excited, I just have to try these.

Gluten Free Raspberry Chocolate Brownies . . . doesn't that just sound wonderful?!?! Definitely something I will try.

I want to try a gluten free version of these Indian Fry Bread and Indian Tacos.

I love lasagna for a few reasons, leftovers and lots of possibilities. This Mushroom Lasagna looks and sounds yummy. My only concern is that with a white sauce it may be lost a little in the stronger taste of gluten free lasagna noodles. Only one way to find out though!

It's so weird getting older and liking food you wouldn't have touched as a child or even a few years ago. Taste-buds are an odd thing. This Chipotle Bean Soup with Bacon is definitely in my near future, but it wasn't so long ago I wouldn't have touched it.


  1. That Ho Ho recipe looks great, might have to try that one out.

  2. You find the best links! The recipes are mouth watering! Stupid diet!

  3. Chicken tacos weren't a big stretch, even though I don't like chicken. Fish tacos gave me pause, but I love 'em. Indian tacos? Food Fusion? ;)

  4. The first thing I thought of when I saw those hexagon balls is the Beekeeper's quilt. There are several women in my knitting group that are smitten with making those little hexapuffs.

    The pear bag is also really cute. Good shape for knitting, too...