Monday, January 16, 2012

Gems Socks

My niece Justice loves color, which is good, because so do I.  So I thought this yarn would work perfectly.  I needed just a bit of another skein to finish up the toe on the second sock, so I bought another skein and figured that would work perfectly to make Vera a matching pair.

Yarn: Serenity Garden Yarn
How much: 1.5 skeins
Color: Gems
Content:100% Dralon Microfiber
Care: Machine wash and dry
Needles: US 1 / 2.5mm
Gauge: 7.75sts per 1” / 9.75rows per 1”
Pattern: My own.
For: Justice & Vera
Size: Specially knit for Justice’s & Vera's measurements.

Justice's socks.  I made no attempt to make them match as that doesn't matter to me and I figured it wouldn't matter to her either.

Justice's star toes.

Vera's socks, unfortunately do not get as much color since her feet are so small.

Vera's quickly decreased heels.

Vera's little star toes.

One of Justice's socks with on of Vera's.  The difference between an 8 year old and a 2 year old!

I like how these socks turned out and I really hope that Justice likes them and they fit her well. They were bus knitting and bus waiting knitting. I decided to knit Vera a version of Justice’s socks, since as the lovely little sister, she wants whatever Justice has. They were also bus knitting and bus waiting knitting. The gusset is decreased quicker though since the circumference of Vera’s heel is small since she’s so young. So I decreased on the top and bottom of the gusset every other row. I did a star toe for hopefully a better fit. I never much care for the tradition toes.


  1. I keep meaning to try a star toe. Have you worn socks with a star toe?

  2. Very cute. I am sure they will love them.

  3. Lovely colorful socks! I would love a pair of socks with this yarn. My feet can't be dressed colorful enough. :o)

  4. Fun colors! I couldn't tell how much smaller Vera's were until the last pic. How cute to have matching socks!