Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday Inspirations

Crafty Inspirations:

I love this Journal Quilt piece. In another life, with more time, this would be something I would also like to do.

I love the movement in this Table Runner!

Love this version of the Modern Drunkard! The way the colors shift and work together is just wonderful!

An easy Smocking Tutorial. I love the look of smocking and will someday work something that has smocking in it.

Garden Inspirations:

I love gardening and think it is an area where the input is worth it. These Window Farms are super nifty. I would so do this if my apartment had sturdier walls and window frames!

Recipe Inspirations:

This recipe claims to be the Perfect Gluten Free Pie Crust and I must say, it definitely looks good!

The Savory Apple Tart looks delicious also!

These Apple Pie Cookies look good enough to experiment with gluten free flours to try to find a good substitute!

Doesn't this Dark Chocolate Truffle Tart looks so yummy?!?!?

Dark Chocolate Buckeyes . . . isn't that self explanatory?

Lastly, have you seen these Baby Cakes Doughnut Maker, Cupcake Maker, and Cake Pop Maker? When I first saw them I thought they were frivolous, but cute. I thought it was definitely something I could never use, then this Baby Cakes Doughnut Gluten Free post! Makes me want the doughnut maker because I miss doughnuts!


  1. Love the quilts! I keep seeing ones I love, but am trying very hard not to split off into any more hobbies at the moment. I keep telling myself that there will always be time...

  2. Love the table runner, and the quilt too. I'm on a low-carb diet. It's going good so far. So I don't follow your links. :o)

  3. You could always make them in a muffin pan if you didn't want another gadget. If I had known I could have gotten you one on black Friday, they were a steal.