Friday, February 17, 2012

Smaller can be better!

Ah, I was finally able to find some tiny circular needles for a decent price. I purchased some Hiya Hiya 32" Circular Needles in 00, 000, 0000, 00000, and 000000! Yes, I was so happy to finally get circulars this small.

So excited in fact that I cast on a pair of socks with lace weight yarn and size US000 / 1.5mm needles! It just makes me all kinds of happy inside!!

Isn't it lovely?!?!?  You can see the tiny needles to the side.

Here is the back/sole.  That little stitch marker came with the needles.

Here is the front.  I like the color transition more on the top of the foot.

Yarn : Patons Lace
Color : Sachet . . . because it's meant to knit at a very loose gauge, mine looks different, it does more of a striping transition - I am liking it though.
Content : 80% Acrylic / 10% Mohair / 10% Wool
Care : Machine wash, lay flat to dry
Needles : Hiya Hiya Circular US 000 / 1.5mm
Gauge : 10.5 - 11 sts per inch
Pattern : Just a simple toe up so far, casted on 40sts, increased every other row to 96sts, knitting stockinette foot.

p.s. I cannot wait to knit something up on the US000000 / .7mm needles!!  Do you think I used enough exclamation marks in this post??


  1. I have that same yarn. I was wondering what to knit with it... I think I shall sit back and see how your socks turn out.

  2. I have a few DP needles under 2mm, but have never used them so far. I'm afraid I wont ever get a project done, when using such tiny needles. :o)

  3. I have often thought that knitting thinner socks might make me more likely to wear handknits on a daily basis. I still haven't given into that kind of crazy, though. 000000? I have to admit I'm curious...