Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Inspirations

Crochet Inspiration:

This Crochet Collar is very nifty and reminds me of something my sister Echo would like. I might try to make something like this for her.

Sewing Inspirations:

I want to make a blanket with this block that I saw posted over at Completely Cauchy. I am trying to avoid buying more crafting stuff this year, since I have recently made a few too many knitting needle purchases. So I will have to see if I can manage this in my limited fabric stash. Maybe I can at least eek out a baby blanket?

This is sewing/needlepoint, but any who, I want to make myself one of these bags or at least a variation of it. I want a needlepoint design on both the back and front, with a plastic canvas bottom, but just fabric on the sides.

I really love this Block on the top! The tree block is nifty too!

Recipe Inspirations:

Lasagna Bolognese sounds delicious. I am always looking for new lasagna recipes, plus the husband agrees with her somewhat, although he is not a fan of ricotta cheese in general.

As a huge fan of potatoes, this Kulgelis Potato Casserole sounds delicious! Gotta try this!

I am a huge fan of Chinese food, as you all well know, but I am not so much a fan of the quality of meet used at most places in general. I love the thought of making my own Beef and Broccoli. Plus I can insure that it is gluten-free when I make it!


  1. Great links!! Those recipes are all tempting...

  2. I like that quilt block a lot. I'm sure you can eke it out of some scraps you have around! It would make good potholders, at the very, very least. =)