Saturday, February 18, 2012

Well meaning husbands . . .

So, last month when I had my allergic reaction, my husband does what he does every time this happens . . . anything I was wearing that day immediately goes in the wash in case there was any residual allergens. I was all drugged up and not thinking . . . into the wash, went my Double Tychus (Rav Link) and then into the dryer! It didn't really shrink that much, but if I don't have my hair short, it doesn't fit me. 

So to make up for this, I am knitting a double thick Paulina Hat. First I am knitting the black version, then I will knit the other color and connect them.  Although I am slightly considering just lining it with material and making it reversible in that manner.  It needs to be double thick, I originally test-knit this pattern (Rav Link) and it's a great pattern, but one layer does not hold up to the Buffalo winds. One layer of any hat will not hold up unless maybe it was felted.

So here is the black so far:


It's not much to see so far, kind of looks like road kill.

Yarn : Lana Grossa Basics Joker
Color : Black
Content : 80% superwash wool / 20% polyamid
Care : machine wash, lay flat to dry
Needles : US 6 / 4mm (Knitter's Pride Dreamz)
Pattern : Paulina
Modifications : Casted on more stitches to compensate for my gauge on a thinner yarn and also made the ear-flaps completely moss stitch.


  1. Sorry.... Hope the new one gets done before next winter.

  2. Gah. The Knight semi-felted a hemlock ring. I cried, but the truth is, that lap blanket/shawl is so much a part of Mugsy that I couldn't use it without crying anyway.

  3. Oh, dear. Branden hasn't felted anything yet, but I definitely sympathize with the need to wash woolens to get rid of allergens! We have a great wool washing a few times a year, just so that the dust doesn't build up in the fabric and make me not able to wear them! Hope the new hat moves quickly.