Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Double Diamond Double Knitting

Still working on the double knitting scarf for my test knit. I am half way through the required repeats for the test knit, but will most likely need more for the length of a scarf.



I am still loving the black side the best, it is definitely going to make one warm scarf.

It is taking me some time because obviously double knitting takes more time, but I really haven't spent much time knitting or crafting lately. I will need to take some more time this week to finish this up though. I am enjoying the double knitting process and have lots of wonderful ideas running through my head for projects and theories that involve double knitting. If only I could knit as fast as my mind had ideas!  Hats, sweater, bag, socks, etc.


  1. Soon you can knit for five hours. Do they let those on planes?

  2. That's awesome! I love double knitting... I have another headband in progress somewhere...

  3. Love it! I really do have to try double knitting one of these days. Really, really.

  4. That pattern is beautiful! I think the colors you went with really make it stand out!