Monday, June 18, 2012

More trouble with husbands

Do you see the horrendous booboo my cactus has?


This is from my husband. I told him, do not open the windows, I will do it when I get home because he takes no regard for my plants and has almost killed at least two in the past. So he waits, I open the windows . . . after I go to bed for the night he decides it is open just a little to much and closes it some . . . yeah, right down on my cactus!


Do you see how tall they are? That ruler in the back is 12 inches long, the tallest one in the back, the injured one, is about 18 inches tall! These are cacti that I grew from seed a few years ago. He hit the top of the tallest one with the window and snapped off about 2-3 inches of it. I cried when I woke up and saw it, he didn't even realize he did anything. For a while I didn't think it was going to make it through the ordeal, because it also threw off the root structure holding it up also. Luckily, a week of care and plenty of water and it survived, with it scarred top to prove it endured. I moved this plant into the craft room now, where the husband does not go.

Here is one of the cacti I started last summer:


It is growing like a weed. The packs I have purchased in the past are variety packs, so you never know what is in there or what is actually going to grow. This is the first time I have had this kind make it.

Here are my balcony plants:


The coleus is struggling, it loved last spring/summer outdoors but hasn't done so well inside over the winter and now is having a hard time adjust to outside again. I am not sure it will survive this summer. They were interesting to start from seed last year and when they flourish, boy do they flourish, but otherwise don't seem to care for the climate around here.

The two plants to the left are also struggling and I am not sure will be kept after this summer. Otherwise, you can see small cacti from last years planting.


  1. Yikes!! I'm so sorry for the plant's injury. I don't have house plants anymore; Sissy is just too nosy!

  2. That's too bad about your cactus!

  3. Sorry. I have to ask, what is the appeal of growing cactus? I never understood it.

  4. Oh, dear. Cacti are probably the only houseplants that would be safe from our cats...I'd never thought of the dangers of marauding husbands! (Though Branden is usually pretty good about being careful.) I'm glad it survived! I usually think of cacti as very slow-growing plants; it's amazing how big it's gotten in just a year.

  5. Poor thing! But it will grow back! You have a green thumb, I didn't plant anything, I'm glad now, because with no rain for so long, everything is brown and dead. I'm loosing shrubs that are large. Hope it rains soon! Glad to see your plants looking so nice!