Friday, June 15, 2012

Wookie's Porch Love

For numerous reasons, one being it isn't allowed and I tend to be a rule follower . . .maybe to excess, dogs aren't allowed in our back yard or on the balcony if they are not leashed. I am the only person in my building that sticks to this, but I have reasons other than the rules to do so. Wookie is so small that he could easily fall off the balcony or slip out the spaces in the fence, so it's not in his best interest to be unleashed.

He loves outside though and in the Spring/Summer time I like to be out on the back balcony, so rigged up one of his older retractable leashes to a shelf in the kitchen, so he can go out on the balcony with me, but not go too far.

Here is is looking over the edge of the balcony watching birds down in the yard.


As you can see from these two close-ups of Wookie's very alert face, that the apartment building has barbed wire right below the balcony to discourage people from trying to break into the apartments by climbing up the balcony. Another reason to make sure Wookie cannot get too far, yet still enjoy his time out there.

And a top/back view to show you his lovely shaved fur.

Here is my desk setup outside.

I love him being able to go outside with me, as it is often cooler outside than in our apartment. I think this weekend we may have to do some yarn dyeing together. We saw a little dog in the pet store a couple of weeks ago with a blue tail . . . do you think Wookie would let me do that to him? Doubtful.

We now have a new neighbor at the end of our balcony who has a dog, a Corgi - I believe, who is not as well behaved and Wookie is struggling to accept the fact that another dog is out on his balcony.


  1. Love the photos of your pretty boy. My girls like to be outside as well. They're big "sight hunters".

  2. I know rules you could practice breaking, cooking. He he. Sorry to the pup. No fun. I made gf bread yesterday. It was a disaster.

  3. Having to be on a leash seems like an odd rule to have, but it sounds like there are some practical reasons, too, so it's probably worth it in the end. We had a great porch for the cats in Madison; it was second-floor and had nothing for them to jump onto, so it was safe for them to go outside. They loved it!