Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Double Diamonds

I know what you are thinking, still double knitting? Yes, it takes me some time with this technique, but I am enjoying it. I have completed the 3 repeats required for the test-knit and am going to take a small break from it while I work on a few other things, but after vacation . . . which is so very soon . . . I will be picking this up again, probably to add another two repeats. Then there will be a matching hat and fingerless mitts for a niece this winter.




  1. Very nice! I might have to find that pattern once it is available. I love double knitting...

  2. I love the colors you've chosen. This is a slow knitting technique, but makes wonderful designs.

  3. I really do love this piece. The colors just work so well with the zigzags.

  4. I have never double knitted, I look at the instructions and think, "oh no" I need chocolate! LOL
    This is beautiful!

  5. So cute! I like the choice of colors; however I think I like it better with the black as the dominant color because the pink and blue stands out. But nevertheless, both are awesome!