Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday's Featured Blog

Not An Artist

Why I like this blog:
~The thing I like most about this blog is that you get the definite vibe from it that she truly enjoys her knitting, it's not a fade, it is life.

~I like that she has a finished objects gallery. Kind of nice to see everything all together, but the even nicer thing is, she took the time to make sure each pic in the gallery links back to the post about it. Very nifty idea.

~Wonderful pictures.

~Plenty of animal pictures - - which if you haven't noticed, I live vicariously through other people since I can't have my own pets right now.

~I like the fact that she talks about all these knitting get-togethers that she goes to, since I don't go to these types of things I can know a little more about them in general by her posts.

Different kinds of Art/Crafts I found at her blog:
felting - - I love the roundish sea shell type shapes
photography - - just look at that really close close-up of the cake, beautiful!

As always, this is what I take from this website, go have a look for yourself!

Interweave Crochet Fall 2008

Interweave Crochet Fall 2008

Ridge Swing Cardigan - - - The design looks very nice and professional looking. I think I would wear it. I would make it large than the design was originally intended, because I would want the front to meet in the center. I really like the diagonal stitching though.

The Road to Bruges - - - I think it is a nice design, but I do not think it looks good as a scarf. It looks like your crazy aunt picked up the table runner on the way out of the house and threw it around her neck. It is pretty, but seems out of place.

Oxford Town Tote - - - I like the way the bag looks, not quite sure about the strap as it the color stands out a little too much for the rest of the bag, but that can easily be changed by using a better suited color. Nice stitch patterns.

Northern Dreams Pullover - - - Now this I absolutely adore! This looks like it fits well and is comfy. With crochet you often see bulky sweaters that are boxy and it really only perpetuates the theory the crochet is more a doily craft and not meant for clothing. However, patterns like this have to change people's minds. I can't wait to crochet this!

Spanish Moss Coat - - - I love the look of this, a nice drape and beautiful stitching. I am unsure as to whether or not I have the attention span or the stable wrists to crochet something this large, but on the other hand, I think it would most definitely be worth it. Beautiful.

Diamond Cabled Pullover - - - I have mixed feelings about this. I think the overall shape of the shirt is good and I love the stitch pattern, just not necessarily together. I think the sleeves look odd in the stitch pattern. Maybe the stitch pattern would look better as an accent or hem and not so much all over.

Woodland Shawl - - - I like the color they used, but otherwise I don't think anything about this really stands out as something different from most other crochet shawls you see. .

Pretty Little Dolman - - - Yuck. Unfortunately, I think there is very little that is flattering about this top. The bat wing sleeves look poofy in all the wrong places. I do not like the length of the sleeves. The garments may have looked better if it didn't look like the top half was falling off the model. Nope, nope, nope.

Lara's Dance Skirt - - - I think this looks pretty. Maybe a little girly for me, but I think for the right occasion this could definitely work. Not much for the color, but that is easily changed. It brings out the little girl in me who wants to put on a pretty skirt and twirl around in the living room.

Austen Lace Muffler - - - Love the design, I think it is lovely and unique looking. Don't care for the colors at all. In fact, the colors and the picture of the model wearing it almost completely turned me off. But with the picture of what it looks like off and unfolded I realized the endless choices with a design like this. All in one color, 2 or more colors, a different border, there are half a gazillion things you could do to this. So, in the end, love it because it opens the possibilities of so much more.

Stepping Stones Cardigan - - - Sadly, the 3/4th view in a picture is suppose to be one of the most flattering views of a person. Well, that is all shot in this garment. The woman looks like a linebacker for a football team. The supposed "ruching" effect at the top is just way too poofy and the huge bell like sleeves do not help at all. Maybe if it were only the sleeves or only the "ruching" then it would look fine, doubt it, but maybe. This probably could be made better if the "ruching" were more subtle and the bell sleeves weren't quite so big.

Driftwood Cap - - - I think this is a good idea for a hat. The post stitches might actually make it stretchy enough to have a comfortable fit on my head. It looks like it fits the model well and looks warm. I think this is definitely worth a try.

Dusk Sweater - - - Oddly enough, I like this sweater. I think mostly because it looks a little 80's-ish. I wouldn't necessarily wear it as is, but tweak it a little and it would make a nice spring/fall sweater. I would probably just make the arms smaller, do a little waist shaping by using some sc stitches in place of some of the dc stitches at the side rows, and lastly I wouldn't leave that little slit looking thing on the side. Basically, I see potential in this and with a few modifications, I see it as a definite keeper.

Sweet Lorraine Lace Throw - - - Pretty, but nothing special.

Stone City Scarf - - - Don't really care for this one. Not a fan of the fringe and otherwise it just looks like an average scarf.

Beaux Jestes Socks - - - Not much for these, which disappoints me because I always am looking for that pair of crochet socks that really screams to me "Crochet socks can be comfortable and nice looking", but usually they don't. I think the cuff goes too far down and doesn't actually look like it fits the model like a good pair of socks should.

Seamed Mittens - - - I think these are cute, but I am not a mitten person myself.

Finest Hops Bag - - - I like parts of this bag. I like the color work at the bottom and top, just not a fan of the embroidery in the middle. I think this is quite cute. I don't care for the handles as they seem a little impractical, but that is easily changed.

Ornamental Handspun Motifs - - - I think these are just ugly.

Fino Mitones - - - These are cute and well done. Sometimes sweet and simple is perfect. I wouldn't actually wear these as I am not an arm warmer type of person. But it makes me think how wonderful sleeves done like this would look, as I am all for really long sleeves. I think the bead accents in this look nice, where often I think beads just look tacky.

Love the article they had about Robyn Chachula. I really loved the picture of the Calla Lily Cowl. I just really love the whole look of the sweater. Beautiful.

The article on seaming was nice, as seaming is always a little awkward for me.

The end article, Going Biological, was interesting and kind of creepy. It is about Emily Barletta's crochet art. She does these weird things with medical pictures and other microscopic stuff.

***As always, these are just my opinions, you may not agree.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday's Featured Blog

I really wanted to start doing blog review type things of the blogs I read so you all can understand why I read the blogs that I do and maybe peak your interest in reading these blogs also (if you don't already). So today's feature blog is:

Fiber Fool

Reasons I enjoy reading this blog:

~I love blogs that provide plenty of pictures.  Don't get me wrong, I am not all about the flashy pictures, but I enjoy it when I have a visual reference for what people are talking about, especially when it comes to arts/crafts.

~I like when bloggers give tons of information on the items they are knitting.  It lets the rest of us know what maybe not to do or what is oh so wonderful about a pattern.

~She has a beautiful pattern that she made and sales go to a charitable cause.

~I like that she takes the time to share her knowledge with others.

~I like that she includes other things from her life, not just fiber.

~She does yarn, book and movie reviews

Kinds of Arts/Crafts I find at this blog(with links to an example):
~spinning - isn't that just beautiful!
~cooking - boy does this look yummy!

So, what are you waiting for, go over and take a look.  I am a nerd and always recommend reading the archives of a blog as well.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Interesting Art

I saw this and thought it was quite interesting and unique.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Odds and Ends

First up, flowers that were brought in for the secretary at the office where I do work study. Aren't they just beautiful? I must grow some sunflowers when I eventually get a real home.

I know my last rose of the season pales in comparison to those beautiful sunflowers, but I will show it still.

An interesting link I wanted to share with you.

Spinning with newspaper! I think this is just such a nifty idea.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tie-Dye Part 3

This one was clamping. For the first one I used a wooden shape that I designed to be clamped. Two identical wood pieces are need, one of the top of the folded fabric and one for the bottom. They are then literally clamped together with clamps from the tool department and then dropped in dye.

Since my shape was so thin and had different little "legs", I really needed more clamps than that were available to me. I know for in the future now. This technique will probably be used in one of my final projects.


Here we had to fold the fabric in any way we wanted and then use two straight pieces of wood and rubber band them onto the folded fabric. Mine turned out exactly how I wanted to for the most part.


Lastly over dyeing using the binding techniques in part 1. I bound this one and dyed it yellow. I didn't completely care for how it turned out so I bound it again in some of the same places and then used clothes pins another area and redyed it in red. Love how it turned out.


Overall, definitely loving this class. I think I am the only one truly interested in learning these techniques and not just looking for an easy A, but that is the loss of the other students. One girl in class even said that this class makes her feel like an old lady. *eyes roll* Children.

Tie-Dye Part 2.5

More Shibori techniques.

Shippo Shibori(Interlocking Circles):
Leaf shaped ovals are drawn and stitch back and forth across the middle of the leaves from one point to the other. Strings pulled tight at end and knotted.




Dyes, knots cut, strings pulled. I also like this technique, so many different possibilities.




Maki-hui Shirbori(wrapped stitch):
Overhand stitching done, but loosely just wrapping needle over edge. If you stitch smaller, like normal it causes great frustration when trying to pull threads tight, trust me, I know. The three rows on the far left where especially annoying to pull tight, almost impossible.

Dyed, knots cut, and threads pulled. I really like how this reminds me of a spine. Very interesting. Or the tread of a tire.


Kheto Shibori:
Just stitch a design snugly into layers of the fabric, mine was accordion folded. No pulling stitches this time, but knotting is still important.

Mixed feelings about how it turned out. The halo type effect could have uses in certain things. I think this deserves more samples in different designs, foldings, and amount of time left in dye bath.


Boumaki, Mura-kumo Shibori(Village Cloud):
Here the fabric was folded in half and stitched into a long tube. Then it was put over a PVC pipe, string was wrapped tightly around it in a pattern and then pushed down to the bottom of the pipe in a twisting motion. No before picture because I forgot to bring my camera to class.


I was nervous about this last technique and had serious doubts as to whether or not this was going to look like crap, but I really love how it turned out. This will also probably be a technique used in one of my final projects.

Tie-Dye Part 2

The next tie-dye technique we did was Shibori. I am not sure if the names I will give for these are correct or not, but these are the ones my teacher gave the class. I have what the fabric looked like before dyeing and after.

Mokume Shibori(Wood grain):
This is just running stitches parallel to each other. Mine are spaced differently at different points. After all lines were stitched, the strings were pulled tight so things were all scrunched up and then the strings were knotted.

This is after the knots were cut and the strings were pulled out.


I really like how this one turned out. Slightly disappointed by the fact that my teacher said how wide my stitches were apart didn't mean anything, but I think that is false and would like to try a sampler piece were the different lines had different stitch widths.

Karamatsu Shibori(Chinese Pine):
Half circles are stitched on a fold. I varied how many rows were in the half circle and how far they were spaced from each other. After all stitches are complete, all are pulled tight and knotted.

This is after it was dyed, knots cut, and strings pulled out. I really love how this one worked and will be using some of this technique in one of my final projects to show ripples in water.



Undulating Strips(no Shibori name, as it is unreadable on my sheet):
Here, wavy lines are made and stitched on a fold. Interesting to actually stitch. As with the ones above, after all stitches are made, all strings are pulled tight and knotted.


Dyed, knots cut, strings pulled. Oh how I really love this stitch. This will be another stitch that will be used in one of my final pieces to represent tree branches. I love how the stitches kind of look like dental records.


Tie-Dye Part 1

Okay guys, lots and lots of info on the stuff I have been doing in my fibers class. So, we began with your typical tie-dye. Rubber bands, clothespins, string, and knots were used.

This one was rubber bands.

This one was folded and rolled up and then bound with string.

close-up of string marks.

Rubber bands and clothespins.

Folded, bundles and then bound.

Overall, not too impressed, the unpredictability of these techniques was definitely not was I prefer.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Knitty Fall 2008 Issue

Ah, the new Knitty is up.

Twist and Shout - - - I like this. I would probably make it a little big, just so it closed more in the front than it does on some of the pictures. Looks nice and comfy though.

Camden - - - I normally hate bobbles, but I think it looks good on this because it has a nice structured placement. Not really for the detachable sleeves, but I think it looks good both with long sleeves and the short sleeves.

Hermia - - - I do not think this is very flattering. I understand it is a conversion from her child version, however, the lace would have looked better higher up and not centered around the hips to draw so much attention. I see this look only flattering a very small amount of people.

Retrofit - - - How many ways can I say I love this? I really do. I love the structured look to it. It fits the model perfectly. I really do love this. I would have to include some waist shaping to make it into a girl version, but so totally love it.

Mangyle - - - I think it looks nice, but there really isn't anything too special I haven't seen somewhere else. Unfortunately, things like vest, scarves, gloves, and even socks to a point really have to have something special about them, otherwise they just look like all the others.

Abrazo - - - Sorry, but same theory as Mangyle, nice, but nothing special.

Versatility - - - I think this is a wonderfully unique design. However, I seeing it logically working on very few body types and sizes, especially since it is "one size fits all type garment".

Anne Shirley - - - Eh, okay. I think the stitch design looks nice, but I think the two colors together may take away from that.

Kinetic - - - I really like the stitch pattern, but not in that. I was hoping for something more when I saw the designers name.

Slither - - - I think the theory is kind of nifty. Not really a fan of the buttons though.

Hug - - - Unfortunately, I think this one is rather scary. The baby's look in the very first picture says it all.

Waves of Grain - - - This is pretty. I really like the stitch and I think the beads look very nice on it. Which is a rarity because I rarely like beads in knitted items.

Hourglass - - - I think they look pretty neat. I like the little lace between the curves. I think the variegated one actually looks better than the lime green.

Garden Gate - - - Oh, how I love these. I love the color work, I love how long they are. Simply adore these. I most definitely will have to make myself a pair of these in the future!

Interlocking Leaves - - - These are okay, however, I think just one set of leaves, instead of the interlocking ones, would have looked better. They look so busy with both sets.

Baroque - - - Very nifty. I really like the criss-cross pattern of these. This is structured chaos.

Sidewinder - - - Lovely! I really love the look of this. It has such a structured and tailored look to it. Absolutely lovely!

Morgan - - - I think this looks like a lovely pattern. Looks very professional and very well thought out. I am not really a hat person though, so I wouldn't make it for myself, but maybe someone else.

Oncleows - - - These leave me speechless and not it a good way. Pure confusion.

Abby - - - I think the color is beautiful. Everything else is okay, but nothing that jumps out at me and screams "I am special".

Tatiana - - - Creepy. I mean really, you just have to look for yourself.

Maple - - - I think this is very pretty. The bag itself is okay, but I adore the way the colors in the leaf felted. It's so beautiful.

L'illo - - - It's okay as far as kids items go. I think the ribbing in the front looks girly, not boyish.

Night Cap - - - I think the theory of it is adorable, I think it's a little unpractical in modern society though.

OpArt - - - I think this is so nifty. Love the illusion of the blankets design. So nifty that I might actually take the time to knit this in the future.

Well folks, that is all of my opinions on the new Knitty for now. Of course, check them out for yourself, as to each their own.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Garden info update

The first of the two roses to bloom:

Beautiful, isn't it?

Didn't even notice the fly until I was uploading these onto the blog.

I am fairly sure this will be the last strawberry of the summer. This originally was in a group of about 4 or 5 blooms but this is the only one that went on to fruit, pretty tasty it was too.

Ride to the Lake

When looking through my pictures to upload to Photobucket, I realized I never showed you guys these pictures. This was from a few weeks ago when we rode our bikes out to the lake. It was nice.

A view of the lake.

Another view.

The beautiful lake water.

I know it's really hard to see, but if you look at the little glints in the water next to the cement walkway, those glints are really a huge school of tiny little fish.

Mr. Duck, after I accidentally disturbed him.

Mr. Duck before I disturbed him.

A group of ducks that assumed I was the paparazzi after them.

Birds that made some good attempts to poo on me and the boy.

All in all, it was quite a wonderful day out.