Tuesday, March 30, 2010

No longer skewed

I finished the Skew socks.

Yarn: Sensations Soles & More
Content:75% wool / 25% nylon
Color: Purple/Pink/Grey
Care: Wash cold, lay flat to dry
Needles: US 00 / 1.75 mm

The sizing of the sock works out to be about a size 5 or 6 in US sizes for women. See, I told you the socks would be small. So I am not sure there is one of you on the interwebs that has feet that small(or you know someone) and are interested in the skew socks. If you are, leave a message stating so and you will be entered into the drawing. If no one is interested, they will be donated.

Above is the back view and below is the front view. I love how they ended up almost identical, it was completely by accident. I just started from the center of two different skeins, go figure they would start at the same place. I greatly enjoyed making these socks and will one day probably try to make one in my size.


You won't believe what I cast on for after I finished the Skewed socks . . . Tribute from the newest Knitty. I just had to know how the lace looked in real life. The yarn is from this post, it's a Silk/Merino blend. I doubled up the yarn and it is making the most wonderful feeling socks. However, as most patterns are . . . they are too small. I started the Large size and am getting gauge, but my feet are more like Xtra-Large. Oh well, these are sure to become a give away too.


So, I would finally be knitting myself some socks that fit me. I have restarted these Kauni socks again. This post shows the colors. I had to frog the previous socks, because I hadn't written any of my stuff down and I couldn't remember that far back. So we are starting over and keeping track.


* * * * * * * *

In relation to the whole job front. . . evidently the girl who wrongly accused me, was let go. Other employees supposedly came forward and her lies were shown for what they really were. I am glad that things in the end came to light, although I still sorry she lost her job.

On the positive side, I take a test Wednesday that ends up hopefully helping me get a job. I already had one interview, so we shall see how tomorrow goes. I wouldn't be starting until May 17th, but it will be a good job if I can get it.

* * * * * * * *

One last side note, a good guy I worked with at my previous job was beaten and mugged the previous night. Please pray for his healing and his attacker to come to justice.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

TAST Week 4

TAST 2 - Week 4

Portuguese Border Stitch

I really liked this stitch. I like how in a small circle, the braid has sharp points. A lot of versatility with this stitch.
Portuguese Border Stitch

TAST 1 - Week 4

Cretan Stitch

This stitch takes a lot of patience for me. How close the stitches are suppose to be placed together was a bit frustrating for me. It makes a lovely leaf. I think the Portuguese Border Stitch would look lovely around the outside of the leaf.
Cretan Stitch

Open Cretan Stitch

This I enjoyed much more. Lots of options and lots of life. This one will work really well with the future crazy quilting.
Open Cretan Stitch

Saturday, March 27, 2010


I most definitely have a weakness for crocheted and knitted washcloths. It all started as part of a square exchange group I was a part of on Live Journal so many years ago. One square was not what I considered to be fit to send off, because it didn't turn out perfectly. Because it was cotton, I figured, eh, I'll just use it as a washcloth. I love it! However, I need more, so:

Pattern: Open Ridge Washcloth
Yarn: Peaches & Creme
Content: 100% Cotton
Color: Tea Rose (it's more of a pink-orange)
Hook: I / 5.5mm
Modifications : I accidentally began crocheting my sc row through the front loop, instead of the back, so just continued doing it throughout the pattern.

I came across the Open Ridge Washcloth pattern and loved it so much, I felt compelled to make some more washcloths.


I did not block it, because it's a washcloth.

Side A

Side B

Pattern: Open Ridge Washcloth
Yarn: SPA
Content: 75% acrylic / 25% bamboo
Color: Naturally
Hook: I / 5.5mm
Modifications : None, did everything correctly this time :)


I chose this yarn for the second one, so I could have a lovely soft yarn for a face washcloth.

Side A - here you can see the braided ridges that occur when you do your sc row correctly, through the back of the stitch :)

Side B

Overall, love my washcloths. It makes me want to try weaving some hand towels. I have a dislike for commercial hand towels. Oh yes, I have also joined The Great Sewn Potholder Swap of 2010. With all this free time now, I might as well dig into the crafts until I find a new job :)

Knitty Spring 2010 - a real review

Okay, so a person I consider to be a lovely blogger friend convinced me that I should do my Knitty review, whether she meant to or not. So I will, because honestly, it's me and it's what I do. It helps me mentally figure out what I like about designs and what I don't.

Emmaline - - I like the general look of this, but the gauge is so large that it makes it look frumpy to me. The peasant top look is typically on of fine, flowing fabrics. The large gauge takes away from this traditional look and unfortunately doesn't add anything positive. I truly think this would be a wonderful knit in a smaller gauge because otherwise the simplicity and design of this garment look lovely together.

La gitana - - The first thing that caught my eyes was the large arm holes. It makes the garment look too big for the model. The description says it can be worn without a shirt underneath, but really only if you want to be showing a lot of side boob. It reminds me of the Sidelines top, but not as well done. The cables going directly down the middle of the boob is not flattering. On the other side, the back looks wonderful and the hood looks nice.

Que sera - - I don't dislike this one, but the all over lace is a little distracting for me. There is just too much texture. It fits the model well and looks like it could be a lovely sweater. I would recommend wearing it with clothing that is simple as to not overwhelm the outfit.

Petrie - - Okay, first thing that jumped out at me was how the lines on the front of the top lead directly down to the center of the boobs. This does not seem like a positive thing to me unless that is where you want people's eyes to be led. Otherwise, I love the back and the boat neck. I just can't get over those darts.

Inamorata - - This is a nice knit. I would probably get rid of all the buttons, just because they do not seem necessary and the shoulder strap buttons especially seem to be inconvenient. The stitch patterns go well together and I like the thick straps.

Tappan Zee - - With this it just seems that this style of top is being so over done lately. It's nice and all, but I'd like to see something a little more unique. I don't like how the sleeves bell-out so much though.

Torreyana - - This is quite a lovely shawl. I'm not a shawl knitter at this time though.

Summit - - Interesting construction, but not something I would probably take the time to knit. Again, not a shawl/scarf knitter at this time.

Anthemion - - Again, nice pattern, just not a shawl/scarf knitter at this time.

Gams - - I don't find these flattering on either one of the models. They look disturbing. Definitely a "wtf?" item for me.

Know it all - - This is definitely an interesting bag and I like how the computer aspects tie into it. Not a bag knitter though.

Wanderer - - Very interesting pattern and I am sure would be well worth the knit. I think what kind of turns me off is all the blaring color, but that is easily changed by the knitter.

Tribute - - Honestly, at first glance, I loved these. The pattern looks so delicate and from a time that doesn't exist anymore, and honestly think as knee highs or higher would look great. Although the more I look at them, the more I doubt all that texture is comfortable in a shoe. In the end I am a practical person. I don't know, maybe an even smaller needle and thinner yarn? I am not sure.

Twisted - - Everything about these socks says I should like them. I can't place my finger on what seems to be bothering me about these socks. They look nice, the design looks interesting.

3 Lace Edgings - - I love these, especially the third one. Lace is definitely growing on me.

Buttonhead - - Usually not a slouchy hat person, but I do love the look of these. So much potential from one little pattern.

Duck - - I do understand the designer's point about not needing socks the baby has to walk on. However, I am of the firm belief that just because a child is too young to object to what you cloth them in, doesn't mean you should take free range. I just don't think it's something I would ever make for a small child, unless it was part of a costume.

Overall, as I said before, this issue overall doesn't grab me and yell at me, "knit me!".

* * * * * * * * * *

Now for a moment of honesty. I probably just shouldn't have blogged on Thursday. I lost/quit my job on Thursday. A person I do not get along with at work decided to tell some lies about me to a manager, since her and the manager are friends, she was believed and not me. My manager told me if I had come to her first, instead of the other girl going to her, then I would have more ground to stand on. Since there wasn't actually anything going on, why would I have gone to her? Any who, I considered myself a good employee and to be treated like that wasn't acceptable, so I no longer have a job. I have not been in a good mood since and have been having a hard time shaking the negative feelings about the whole situation. However, someone helped me see that I need to be me and put that situation behind me as best I can.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Knitty Spring 2010 - not a review

I know I usually review Knitty also, they have their new issue up. But honestly, there isn't anything but the Buttonhead Hats that I really liked. Not to say the rest of the patterns were bad, but I didn't find to be interesting enough to grab my attention. Either I don't think they are flattering or they don't have anything that jumps out and says I'm worth your attention. Oh well, definitely suggest having a look for yourself though, you might find something that speaks to you.

Otherwise, working on a couple projects that have to be hidden until their due dates. Will still create blog posts to be published about them when I can reveal them.

I might have some washcloths to show you tonight or tomorrow. I am definitely a sucker for hand made washcloths, so many times better than the store bought kind.

Monday, March 22, 2010

TAST - - Week 3

This week for TAST 2, was a stitch I unfortunately did not enjoy doing. A little of it is the beads, but mostly, it's because it doesn't look as clean as I would like it to.

Beaded Hedebo Edge

The way the edge is formed, you can't get the stitches in between to bump right up against the bead, instead you see the under stitching. I really didn't like this. It worked better with much larger beads, but then it looked tacky. I only saw one person's example which I liked.

TAST 1 - Week 3

Detached Chain Stitch

I did some chain stitch first and then did a detached chain stitch out of the center of each chain stitch. I like how it turned out.

This is plant-like, alternating sizes of the stitch.

Like grass, coming from one point.

I was a little hesitant with this, but I like how it filled out the shape nicely. I would use this stitch to fill a shape in the future, most likely outlining the shape, but it doesn't seem necessary.

The shape of an eye with varying heights of the stitch and a back stitch between each one.

Family Stitches of the Detached Chain Stitch - - I didn't do all of them on the list, as I have been sick this week, when am I not sick lately, oh well feeling better now. I am also trying to not push aside all other crafts for embroider. You will eventually see the other family stitches, in time.

Feathered Chain Stitch

Loved the delicacy of this stitch.

It also moves along curves well. Will definitely use this stitch in the future.

Open Chain Stitch

To fully understand how to do this stitch I had to search for more of an explanation. This page was very beneficial.

I like this stitch, not so interesting straight, but is lively when moving along a shape.

Zigzag Chain Stitch

I liked this stitch too. Whether compacted together and short or spread out and long, the stitches in this design were very appealing to me. Another stitch I will use when I begin my crazy quilting.

When I have some time and some more money to invest in embroidery thread, I would love to try this Embroidery Shading. Not sure if I'd like it, but I would love to try it.

Vogue Spring/Summer 2010 Review

I know what some of you are thinking . . . "Vogue??". I know I never usually do Vogue Knitting reviews, because I usually don't care to buy Vogue Knitting. I usually never see anything appealing. However, I saw the preview and wanted to purchase it. Link to their preview. Theirs is not as nice as the Interweave Knits one, as I can't provide individual links, nor do they give much info on their website.

Lace Tunic - - Honestly, so extremely disappointed. I watched that season of Project Runway and was a fan of Gordana Gehlhausen. I don't think this fits her fashion sense and it is ridiculously simple. Huge disappointment.

Lace Jacket - - I like the way it looks in the magazine. It looks very dressed up and elegant. In the Vogue 360, it looks bad, but I think that's because the clothing underneath the garment was not considered. I would probably never wear something like this because I don't get dressed up how I think this top deserves.

Lace Capelet - - Not a huge fan of this, but it looks pretty. Just not a fan of capelets in general.

Back Button Pullover - - Okay, there are so many things oddly wrong, but so very close. The V-neck dip in the back and buttoned back simply looks like she has the top on backwards. It would look so much better she turned it around so the back became the front. Then The line goes across the models chest, when it should end under. Unless it will be made with some negative or no ease, one probably wants to add some waist shaping. If those three things were changed, the top would look so very lovely on the model. If you discount these three things, I adore this top and could see wearing it. It has a nice range of sizes too.

Wrap Around Vest - - I love the construction of this top. The 360 view doesn't look too bad, but this is definitely something that would look better form fitting. It is a beautiful design, however, is only available in limited sizes that are small.

Surplice Lacy Top - - I really like this. The design is simple and yet not too much. Definitely want to make sure the ribbing line is under your chest, not across. A nice amount of sizes. I like the thick straps and the scalloped bottom.

Long Jacket - - This looks nice, not sure it looks a jacket/coat like they claim. I think this would look better with maybe a t-shirt and jeans. Kind of think that it would look better in a solid color. Not sure, just doesn't look right with that dress.

Mohair and Ribbon Cardigan - - Ugh! First, the underclothing for this garment make no sense. It misshapes the arm, it looks tacky and frumpy. All of those ruffles are hideous looking, especially in the 360 view. Nothing positive, sorry.

Cropped Cardigan - - Not usually a fan of cropped anything, but I do like this. I think the stitch patterns were well chosen. It looks delicate and yet functional. I think the ribbon is ridiculous though and would disregard that. Sizes are a little to small for me, which is somewhat disappointing.

Checked Cardigan - - Don't care for this. Colors do nothing for me. It is completely shapeless. Basically, nothing special.

Gossamer Cardi - - Again, I love the halo look of the thin yarn, similar to the Interweave Knits item. I like the structured look the seams add to it. Don't look at the 360 unless you want to see a washed out version that is not appealing. How can Vogue have such hideous videos? Don't they pay someone lots of money to make sure the lighting is correct and not so hideous it makes their garments look like crap? Any who, the detail shots in the 360 are nice, but that is all.

Top With Cowl - - I love the fact that the cowl is removable. I like the look of the top in general. Love the little sleeves . . . well, I am not sure there is anything about this top I don't like. Again, the 360 is horrible, except for detail shots because top is washed out and unclear. I could definitely see myself knitting this, except I would need to loose some weight first. Bummer. I doubt it would be hard to do the math myself, but still.

Textured Pullover - - This is okay. Stitch patterns kind of blend into each other just a little too well, but that can be a good thing. The line across the chest, again, is bad, you would want to lower the line under your chest.

Ruffle Sleeve Vest - - Love the look of this. It's just simple enough and girly looking that it appeals to me. The lines of this are very aesthetically pleasing. Yet again, sizing is too small, could probably do math . . .

Cable Neck Cardi - - I like the braided collar, but the necklace in the magazine pic is distracting. Simple, nice, nothing else about it jumps out at me.

Two-Toned Shell - - Looks much better in the 360, which is surprising. I actually like it in the 360. There is some waist shaping and decent sizing. It definitely has potential. I like the short section of white at the top and then the bottom hem in white again. The lack of complicated stitch patterns only improve the look of the item. I could see this as a possible knit.

Shrug - - Okay, nothing particularly striking about it. Smaller sizes.

Vest - - Honestly, I don't really get this. The outfit it is worn with, the large gauge, the rope looking yarn.

Sailor Top - - I like the airy-ness and even the collar. The sleeves and pocket are not flattering. The 360 shows why the magazine model is sitting down. The top is not all that flattering when standing up, it's really all about how it will or will not cling to you. Too iffy, I think.

Lace Stole - - The stitch pattern is nice. Don't do scarves/stoles though.

Lace Tunic - - Honestly, in the preview, this is one of the reasons I bought the magazine. It is beautiful and has a wonderful construction. The sizes are incredibly small though, unfortunately. Not sure it would be worth it to attempt to do the math to make it bigger. Very disappointed.

Sundress - - Wouldn't wear as a dress, but it makes a nice top, as it is shown. I like the stitch pattern chosen for the upper section. Again, small sizes though.

Lace Dress - - There is no way you are going to look good in this unless you are a stick. Even the slender model is probably at the end of the sizes that would look good. Very few will look good in this.

Chevron Scarf - - Lovely and interesting construction.

Striped Scarf - - Okay, nothing special.

Drop Stitch Scarf - - Love the uniqueness of this. I would be tempted to make this even though I am not a scarf knitter. This would probably look good in a variegated yarn or stripes also.

Twin Leaf Scarf - - Okay, nothing special.

Leaf and Berry Scarf - - Don't understand this.

Buttoned Cowl - - Does not look appealing, especially on 360 where pattern is more clear.

Lace Flower Scarf - - Odd that they didn't make the stitch pattern visible in the magazine picture. It is visible on the 360 though. Okay, but nothing special.

L-Shaped Wrap - - Okay as a wrap. Looks better in magazine. Looks more delicate.

Beaded Shawl - - Actually very nice looking. I love the geometric shape and the circular shape inside. I find it very aesthetically pleasing. The trim fits well with the stitch pattern. I would be tempted to make this. It is beautiful, but not excessively so.

Overall, I think there are some lovely designs in the magazine. I am disappointed by the available sizes. For the most part Vogue does better with pairing the pattern items with clothing and accessories that match and look well with the items. The 360 is worth a look, but not always beneficial to the item. Very disappointed with info and pictures otherwise available on site about the patterns/issue. If only Vogue and Interweave could learn a few things from each other. Oh well.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Still Skewed

Still working on the Skew socks, granted a little slower than before with all the embroidery buzzing around here.

I still like the way they are working out and still plan to make myself a pair to fit me in the future.

I agree with some that the pattern is worth doing in a yarn that shows off the peculiar constructions. This one I am working on the leg right before the short rows start.

This one is almost done and I have about an inch more of ribbing to go.

A close-up of the origami heel. This pattern is definitely proof of a mind that like puzzles. I hope the designer continues on this path and has more interesting constructions to give us.

I am still trying to figure out whether or not to do a give away on my blog for them or if I should donate them. Donated they are more likely to find a small foot to wear them, but I wouldn't get a chance to see how they end up looking on a foot. Selfish, I know, but still. We shall see.

Monday, March 15, 2010

TAST 2 - Week Two

I spent a lot of time this week doing embroidery in my free time and not a lot of anything else. This coming week I will be better with the other crafts. In the mean time:

TAST 2 Week 2 - - Knotted Loop Stitch.

I had some tension issues with this one, but once I got the hang of it, I really liked the stitch.

I saw some leaves on other people examples and had to do one of my own. Tension is not so good here. I do think this might be a time when a hoop would be beneficial.

I tried overlapping a little with different colors. I like the effect it had, but it was a little bit of a pain to do.

After I did TAST 1 and figured that the Button Hole Stitch and the Knotted Loop Stitch are similar. The Barbed stitch made me wonder what the Knotted Loop Stitch would look like wrapped like that. Didn't work out as nicely, but that could have been a tension issue.

TAST 1 Week 2 - - Button Hole Stitch & Family. I say family because Sharon of Pin Tangle provides the stitches in the family too. Any stitches that were in the family, but not used in future weeks, I practiced also.

I loved working this stitch, as you can see I did a lot of practice. I did my first couching in the bottom left corner. I liked it. I bunched everything so close that it was difficult to impossible to separate them into their own little pictures.

Barbed Button Hole Stitch

I didn't much care for this first one. The sewing was down with too thick of thread.

Loved this one though. It turned out much better.

Berwick Stitch

This is basically the Button Hole Stitch with a knot. The knot added some much needed stability and made curves easier.

Button Hole Bar Stitch

I think I will need to experiment with this some more. I like the structure this could provide of outlining and item. But tacked down frequently. I tried my hand at a star and think it didn't go too shabby. More practice and experimentation needed though.

Closed Button Hole Stitch

I liked this one. A little more attention needed if you want the triangles to be roughly the same size, especially going on a curve. The green one reminds me of a dinosaurs back.

I was especially pleased with the sun I made and the overlapping of the stitches in different colors. I just like the way the colors (pink and yellow) blend so well to make an orange color if you aren't looking closely.

Detached Button Hole Stitch

At first I liked the idea of this stitch, but really didn't like how it looked. Horribly hard for me to keep accurate tension and I didn't think it looked very nice or professional the was the stitches were.

Then I found this tutorial and it showed a slightly different way to do the stitch. I like the stability and consistency this way provided and I like the woven look of the stitch.

Rosette of Thorns Stitch

This one was simple, just the Button Hole Stitch but with specific spacing qualities. Looks like grass to me and not thorns.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spinning and Flowering

I tried to do some spinning the other day, but felt that my spindle really should be emptied out. I am still spinning that large amount of roving from last spring. So I wound the singles off so I could spin some more. . . yeah right, it took me about four hours to wind these singles on to here. It didn't look like much, but they are thin enough that it took a while. Needless to say, I barely spun that night.

When I worked at the candy store before, I use to take these spools when the ribbon was all done. I use these for my spinning to wind singles off of my spindle.

On another note, I never buy plants whose only purpose is to flower. My green thumb turns into a black thumb around them. I am not sure why. Any who, I bought this Crocus on a whim last week at the grocery store when it was 75% off. I figured even if it never bloomed for me, I love the look of it's grassy-leaves. LOOK, it's blooming . . . maybe my luck with flowering plants is changing.

3 blooms already and such a beautiful plant it is.

I am quite happy with my $1.99 + tax.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Pay It Forward Spoilers - PiF recipients beware

First I made crochet scrubbies, because honestly, I loved mine and think everyone should have one:

Each recipient will receive one. I improve the size a bit and I hope they enjoy them.

Next I made these wonderful little purses using this tutorial. I am not as adept with a sewing machine as I would hope, so there are a few hand sewn sections, which made it take longer. Plus, holy heavens, I never imagined Flex Frames for purses to be such an annoyance to put together. Horrible lighting, sorry.

Each purse is around 8"x7.5". I enlarged mine from the original tutorial, because the only decently priced flex frames I could find at the time were 8" ones.

Each one had colors I felt most fit the person, hopefully I am correct.

I am thinking about making one or two more of these purses and giving them away for my blogiversary coming up in a couple months, but if I do, I will probably hand sew the most of it. We shall see.

The flex frame opens up into a hexagon shape. It's stiff to open at first, but after a few times they seemed to loosen up a little.

Each purse also has one of these guys in it and they are holding inside of them some:

of these little stitch markers, which I love.

In the end, I hope everyone enjoys their Pay It Forward gifts, even if they are late. I definitely enjoyed making them!