Thursday, October 9, 2014


My niece Eleanor loves dress-up, not just her dressing up, but anyone and everyone else dressing up also. She wanted me to dress up as Santa and play with her, but the suit wasn't big enough for me, so her mom did it instead.

At first Santa was like "no paparazzi!", but she eventually conceded.
 photo 20140908_145532_zpsxmkuejnm.jpg

Making sure all is right.
 photo 20140908_150002_zpsizxrwmd9.jpg

Love this one!
 photo 20140908_150148_zpssbrgbntl.jpg

It takes deep concentration to figure out what one should ask for Christmas.
 photo 20140908_145750_zpsoqnstdys.jpg

A video of Eleanor asking for Christmas gifts, not only for herself.

A video of Eleanor and Rhoni-clause signing Rudolph!

Thursday, October 2, 2014


A few landscape pictures from my trip to Washington State. I definitely missed it.

 photo 20140906_082902_zpshsrtiqeg.jpg

 photo 20140906_083346_zpskytgxv9z.jpg

 photo 20140906_083446_zpsmlgg61fd.jpg

 photo 20140906_083541_zpsy2p9pawn.jpg

 photo 20140906_083550_zpsxwj0osma.jpg

 photo 20140906_084523_zpsrczjbofj.jpg

 photo IMG_20140906_082927_zpsr7dwrjbb.jpg

I loved being barefoot!
 photo 20140906_083606_zpskdebkl3g.jpg