Thursday, September 7, 2017

It's only by doing it TODAY

I read the Happiness Project a few years ago, which gives you a lot to think about, but then time moves on. Today I started listening to her podcast Happier with Gretchen Rubin.  I chose to start from the beginning and listened to episode 1 and 2 today. In Episode 1 she says something along the lines of "It's only by doing it today". Which rang very true for me. I easily get into the habit of pushing things off to be done another day or that it's just "one day".

I'm going to try to take this statement as a bit of a motto and see how that works.

It's also why I am blogging today.  I must admit that I miss it, but honestly it's a time commitment that I don't have as easily as I once use to.  Why am I trying agian? Becuse other forms lack the closeness.  I am on Instagram quite a bit as it is quick and easy to share, however a large number of people simply scroll and skim the pictures, they don't actually read the text. It lacks sometimes.

I also miss sharing more details about my crafting. Hard to do on Istagram and I've never been a diehard Ravelry person, hours can disappear there.

So, we shall see where this goes, but for today, I try go forward with the thought...It's only by doing it TODAY.