Saturday, April 25, 2009

Interweave Knits Summer 2009

Ah, the Summer 2009 issue of Interweave Knits.

Lace Scarf (book excerpt from Feminine Knits) - - Very delicate and nice. The contrast between the edging and the main panel is lovely.

Laura's Cardigan - - I really love the color and the nice mix of stripes and plaid. I find the colors used to be very nice also. I like the variety of sized available also. Designer, Annie Modesitt's blog and website.

Great Gatsby Dress - - I think it is cute and nicely structured for a knitted dress. It fits the model well and not overly done. Designer is Mari Lynn Patrick.

Stanwyck Pullover - - I really love this. I don't necessarily know if it would look good one a bigger person like myself though. I love the combination of stitches used and the 60's/70's look of it. Designer is Naomi Griffin.

Ribbons and Lace Cardigan - - It is okay, but not a fan of the fit overall. It doesn't seem to fit the model well, being baggy around the chest and armpit area, but snug around the waist is not very flattering and really loses the shape of the model. Designer, Connie Chang Chinchio's blog.

Elemental Boatneck - - Not sure how I feel about this. I love the subtly texture of the stitch, but the fit if off and I am not sure whether I think it is flattering. I think possibly with some waist shaping it could be a really nice top. Designer, Hannah Fettig's blog.

Grotto Wrap - - Nice wrap, but doesn't seem like anything particularly special or different from other wraps I have seen. Free on website. Designer is Karen D. Kendrick-Hands.

Oneshot Lace Hat - -Nice and simple. I like the fact that it is more of an airy, summery cap. Nice and simple. Designer is Hana Jason.

Filet Patch Blouse - - I don't really care for the half-hazard, raggedy appearance of the squares or the deep armpits. It's more of a smock. Designer is Teva Durham.

Luminarie Skirt - - Mixed feeling. I like the stitch pattern used and the way the motifs are connected. But I don't really think it looks very good as a skirt, it just looks heavy and not delicate. Designer, Annie Modesitt's blog and website.

Bricks and Mortar Tunic - - I actually really like this. I like the stripes and I like the stitch pattern. I would make the armpits not so deep. My only real disappointment is that there is not picture of the back. Designer is Deborah Newton.

Spidery Tank - - I like this one too. The stitch pattern looks great, I like the woven look of it.. I like the long length and the razor back. It looks like a nice layering piece. Designer is Nichola Thompson.

Trellis and Keyhole Tank - - Nice, basic, simple. Seems to be a bit baggy, but okay over all. I like how it is not over done. Designer, Connie Chang Chinchio's blog.

Kalahari Tote - - A nice looking bag. I like that it is deeper than some of the ones you normally see. Designer, Vivian Hoxbro's website.

Henley Tank - - I like the stitch pattern and the general look of simplicity this top has. I would probably add some short sleeves to it and some slight waist shaping though. Designer is Deborah Newton.

Sprout Tee - - Again, nice simplicity. Nice clean design that is not bogged down by too many stitch patterns. I would probably add some waist shaping, but otherwise, I like it just the way it is. Designer, Kathy Zimmerman's website.

Akomeogi Tunic - - I don't much care for this. It seems too large for the model. No standing pictures. In general doesn't look very flattering. Designer Olga Buraya-Kefelian's blog.

Ruffle and Pleat Skirt - - It's okay, not particularly a fan of knitted skirts. Nice and simple though, could work. Designer Cecily Glowik Macdonald's blog.

Adobe Table Runner - - Simple, but nothing complex enough to really need a pattern. Designer is Vicki Square.

Linda's Wrap Vest - - Not sure. I am not sure if the asymmetrical look really works here or not. Conflicted. I like the light airiness of it. Designer is Mari Lynn Patrick.

Heirloom Knits:
Bride's Sachet

Cabled Raglan, Lacy Sachet, and Sweet Hex Child's Hood to come on site.

Interesting Articles:
Theresa Honeywell:Everything Nice - - Theresa Honeywell a fiber artist and her unique knitted cozies for manly objects. Article is short though.

Jogless Stripes - - Nice techniques. I would love to spend some time working with some of these.

Other Interesting Things:
~I like the top in the Tahki Yarns add on page three. Nice texture.

Overall, I think Interweave Knits is much better than it has been. They are sticking with nice designs that are not over done. The clothing fits the models much better. Definitely some things that I would like to knit. I am now actually looking forward to the Fall issue.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Baby knitting

This is hopefully a top for baby Vera if my measurements are correct. I hope so, I saw this yarn in Michael's today while getting supplies for my lesson I teach next week and couldn't resist it. It wanted to be made into something for Vera, so who am I to say no to it?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sock, not review

Well, it was kind of a crappy day today, so . . . you get more sock info instead of a long and time consuming magazine review. :)

As you can see, I've made quite a bit of progress since I only knit it while walking to, a little at school sometimes, and walking home. It's been a while since I consistently did this and I am getting much better at walking and knitting. It's almost impossible to do a k3tog while walking though, so I switch up my normal short heel to be *k2tog, k1, slip stitch over*. It actually looks better and is much easier to do while walking. I am officially past the heel now and starting to work up the leg, just starting though. You can really see the color progression more now though. Aren't they going to be lovely?

I can't wait to be able to wear these! I really do love making socks that fit me so well. This could become a life long addiction.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Belated Reviews . . . Part 1

I know I have been kind of out of sync lately, but I am trying to spring back into things. So, first up is a review of the May/June '09 issue of Crochet Today.

Pepped-up Placemats - - Even though they are essentially granny squares, I do like the fact that different types of stitches are used throughout the rows. The use of color in the sample pieces are nice. I really like them and would definitely consider making them. Maybe not as placemats, simply because I don't have a table, but they would make lovely pillows or together as a blanket. No blog found for Lucille LaFlamme.

Blooming Headband - - It looks cute. I like the way the flower was attached to the band. Overall, not sure how practical it is, the way it sits on her head. Designers blog, Jennifer J. Cirka.

ABC 123 - - I think the numbers and letters are well done, but I don't see myself attaching them to fabric pillows. I think they would be good in other situations though, maybe on foam blocks or with velcro on the back for educational purposes. Designer's blog, Regina Rioux Gonzalez.

Sweet and Swingy Dress - - I think this is adorable! I just might make one of these for Vera. Good design thoughts went into this. The trimming is not overdone, but adds to the dress. A nice combination of stitch patterns used together. Designer's blog, Ellen Gormley.

Swirly Bibs - - I like the look of it in general, it would be easy to make it larger or smaller. I think it would look great as a rug or coaster too though. No blog that I could find, Maya Mackowiak Elson, she's the assistant editor of the magazine.

Frilly Feet - - Honestly, I think they are ugly. I think if they had been crocheted in a yarn color that seemed a little more suited, they would look nice. But I have to wonder, since they aren't actually shown on little feet, I have a feeling they probably looked funny on the baby. I only found blogs she ditched a long time ago, Christy McMahon.

Bunny Buddy - - I think this guy is adorable. Not sure about the yarn choice as a young child would be likely to chew on it and I don't know if you have ever chewed on acrylic, but it isn't pleasant. I would have to see the yarn, might switch to an all soft cotton instead. I would also take off the ribbon thing. Designer's blog, Vickie Howell.

Diamond Back Snake - - I think the snake is adorable. I think it would be a pain to crochet something of that size, but it'd be worth it in the end. Another employee,Brett Bara, Editor in Chief of the magazine, could not find blog.

Little Man Vest - - Uhm, no. I think the color work like this just looks sloppy. The gauge is too large to look smooth, so it looks tacky. Designer page, Candi Jensen, but doesn't seem to update.

Garden Pals - - Cute little guys. Look nicely done. Designer's blog, Tamie Snow.

Diagonal Baby Blanket - - Cute, Simply, Easy. Designer's page, Ellen Gormley again.

Summer Breeze Cardi - - I think this is a cute, nice top. I like the slight variation in stitches. Could not find a blog for Elena Malo.

Summertime Dress - - Kind of, maybe pretty. Not practical. I like the color, but not necessarily the fish scale looking skirt part. Could not find a blog for Mari Lynn Patrick.

Romantic Wrap - - Simple and beautiful. I really like the way this looks. Couldn't find a blog for designer Susan Lowman, she is one of the pattern editors of the magazine.

Houndstooth Purse - - Not much of a purse person, but I think the bag is cute. I like that it is small. Small enough to carry around a small project in. Designer's page, Mary Jane Hall.

Urban Wave Top - - I think this has potential, if the crocheted part and the fabric part even remotely matched. As is, I think it is ugly. Designer's page, Robyn Chachula (they misspelled her name in the magazine).

Crafty Earrings - - Not much for these. Not a big jewelry person though. Designer's blog, Linda Permann.

Lacy Jacket - - Stitches look pretty, but too boxy looking, would not look right if she was just standing normal, instead of posing. It also looks too big, like two times too big. It looks like someone folded a table runner and sewed it into a jacket. Could not find a blog for designer Kj Hay, but is one of the Pattern Editors of the magazine.

Colorful Cushion - - I like this, mostly because she didn't try to make it into a square. She used the flower shape as the pillow overall. Nice colors used. Designer's blog, Regina Rioux Gonzalez again.

Grannies on Point - - I like the colors used and like the way the squares wrap around, instead of just on the front. Very nice. Designer's blog, Marty Miller.

Green Dream Throw - - Nice, but too many small squares for me. I do like the colors used, though. Designer's blog, Marty Miller again.

Basketweave Blanket - - I have mixed feelings about this one, but I think it is mostly due to the color. That blue contrasts just a little too much, against the yellows and makes it look clunky. Otherwise, I like how the motifs fit together and think it would make a very nice blanket. Could not find a blog for designer Joyce Nordstrom.

Little Suns Throw - - Not sure for a throw or not, looks a little more soft and delicate to me, maybe if it was just more decoration. Maybe a nice tablecloth. Again, designer is Joyce Nordstrom.

Trio of Vases - - At first I thought these were quite nifty, they are stiffened with sugar water though. Interest out the door. Designer's blog, Linda Permann again.

Articles of Interest:
Seams Easy Enough - - this article was nice. I like it when they go over basics every now and again.

Overall feeling of this issue = worried. I find it disappointing that out of 24 patterns, 4 are from people who work at the magazine. I also find it disappointing that out of 24 patterns, 5 designers each have two designs in there. So, really there are only 19 designers represented in this issue and 4 of them work at the magazine, a smidge over a fourth of the designers work for the magazine!?!?! Not much room for variety. I wonder if this is because submissions are down, submissions are bad, or they are just insane. I'll have to keep an eye on this when it comes time to renew or not later this year.

So, eh . . . not overwhelmingly great, but not completely in the toilet either. I do not like the fact that Crochet today doesn't list blogs or websites of designers, and on the tab to see it on there website, they don't even give the designer's name at all. I don't know if I would even consider submitting to this magazine due to this lack of recognition.

Return tomorrow for the review on Interweave Crochet issue Spring 2009.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

My socks

So, my socks are going to be knee-highs. I realize this is going to take me quite some time, but this is my new school project, basically I work on it when I only have a few minutes here and there. Since it is stockinette stitch it is really easy for me to get some time to work on it.

Vitals of the Project:

Yarn: Kauni
Content: 100% Wool
Care: Wash in cold water, Do not dry in dryer
Pattern: My own - - just making it fit my foot as well as possible, toe-up
Gauge: Haven't checked yet, I cast on for this sock using the toe-up part that I had created for the other sock I was making, to specifically fit my toe when my sister, Echo, was put into the baby ward to prepare her for Vera coming. I needed something to do with my hands and didn't really care if the sock was the right size or anything, I was willing to frog, I just needed a project. It ended up working well though.
Modifications: With this toe up I forgot to do the provisional cast on . . . as I said before, not a major worry on my mind at the time. I tried just picking up the stitches when I got to that point, to see what it looked like. I like the way it makes it look like "regular" sock, so I kept it. Plus it shows a little more clearly how the color variation is more dramatic than it looks.

I will admit that after a little bit I did have concerns about how long it takes for a color to cycle through in a sock pattern and considered alternating balls of it to make it a little more dramatic and noticeable. But I told myself I would give it to right before the heel to make my decision about the color and its growing on me. I kind of like how subtle it is now, especially since these will be knee-highs. If I was going to make them a regular length, I would probably alternate, just cause not enough of the colors would get a chance to shine. I am really loving these socks so far.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A sneak peek . . .

Here is my sock . . .

You can only slightly see the transition, but I think it is going to look great when I am all done. Almost forgot to blog tonight and I have an early morning tomorrow so I will be back tomorrow will all the juicy details on the sock so far and what I intend to do with them. :) See you all tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hello, hello?

Yes, I am still alive and mostly well. School is driving me a bit insane . . . okay, well a lot insane. Really haven't had much crafting time, so I cram in little bits as I walk to school and walk home. I even have a homeless gentleman who keeps asking me if I am still working on the same sock. I will post some pics tomorrow of the socks I am making and the yarn I got in Washington State. I plan on making socks for Christmas for the family . . . for me I am going to make knee-highs, which may or may not actually be finished by Christmas.

I am trying furiously to catch up on all the missed blog posts from when I was gone. It's slow moving since I only have a few minutes here and there. Can't wait for the middle of May!!

Be back tomorrow!

Friday, April 3, 2009


Remember that box I was telling you that my mom sent me before I went to Washington State? Yes, yes, think back that long ago! Well, here is the goodies . . .

Some thread on wooden spools that were my Grandma Eve's.

A pill bottle of sewing needles, also my grandma's.

Grandma's little scissors.

One of my grandma's wind chimes. My heaven's she owned so many wind chimes that when the wind did blow, you couldn't tell if it was beautiful chaos or just annoying. :) I love hearing it out on my balcony, very beautiful.

These are meaningful to me, because it is nice to have something that was truly a part of the person. Money doesn't matter and it doesn't change things, these are part of who she was and what she did on a day to day basis.

These are earrings my birth father made before he died. I enjoy having these later in life, as I can look at him more as a person now and not just an incredibly crappy father. He had his issues, but he made very pretty jewelry and it's nice to have a crafting tie to him.

I realize now that I don't have anything of my grandfather's, but I am not sure what I would have if I did have anything. He was a humorous old man.

I always loved my grandparents bathroom. It would have seemed tacky by modern standards, but it was a sea foam/teal green color. A long counter with two sinks. A bath tub and a toilet. I love that color, it always reminds me of them. Secretly, I want my bathroom to be that color if I ever own a home. :) I just have convince the boy of that.

Onto the stuff that is purely from my mother:

A clay oven! She can't work with the clay anymore, so she sent it to me. I can't wait to try this out when it gets nicer, cause I can take it outside, so my kitchen doesn't stink up anymore.

Yarn the she padded the box with to discourage damage to the items inside. The boy was not too please about any of this crafting stuff. :)

Clay roller. Already have one, but maybe hers will work a little better than mine.

clay tools! Some good ones I didn't have yet!

I like the looks of this book, because I am not a big time sewer, but I do like to sew. And with venturing more into to cooking, I need plenty of pot holders!

I enjoy working with clay and it's always nice to learn new techniques! Plus try out that new little oven!

This I took back to Washington State with me and gave to my sister, Echo, along with 3 or 4 books I had on soap making. I think this would be a fun thing to learn, but I am so sensitive to scents, I really don't think it'd be like I think of it. Plus, Echo is really into soap and home-made things right now, so hopefully I will receive some pretties for Christmas or my birthday . . . then again, with a new baby, maybe in a few Christmases.

At first glance, I wasn't much interested in this, because I am not a BIG sewer. But, when I read through it and found out the creative way they have you put these things together, I was thinking completely differently. Hopefully I will have some time this summer to try one of these out.

I enjoy creating journals, as you have probably notices from my struggles on here. I love this book, most of all for inspiration, but for some technical stuff too. I already have ideas for my next journal and is it as complex as the mosaic journal . . . probably. But it is new waters to test out and who can resist those??

And I just love this book in general. I would love to someday make one of these, but that would require a nice day and some gourds. So, we shall see, but it is very inspirational too.

some Jillian, have to admit, not a big Bob fan. Would much prefer Jillian!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I know you all wondered what cliff I fell of off, but I am here. Work and school have been busy since I got back. Last half of the semester and for work, Easter is not too far off and it's busy in a chocolate shop!

I am going to try to be more consistent, but for now, lovely Vera! There are many, many thumbnails, if you'd like to see the larger size, just click on the thumbnail.

born March 26th, 2009
time: 8:03 p.m.
weight: 8lbs 11ounces
height: 20.75 inches




Vera & Mommy

Vera & Chris(our cousin)

Vera & Papa(grandpa)

Vera & Justice (her big sister)

Vera & Me

Vera & Daddy & Mommy

Vera & Daddy

Vera & Shoey (grandma)

Vera & Mommy & Nurse

Evidently I have no pictures of my other sister, Rhoni, with Vera. Although maybe those disappeared with my videos of Justice singing to Vera. Sometimes I hate technology.

Here are some videos:

Can you tell I am just a little excited that Vera is here?!?