Friday, November 28, 2014

Halloween Gifts

This year I had time to knit my nieces and nephew in Washington State Halloween gifts:

Fingerless Mitts for my niece Justice. This is one of the yarns I got in my dyeing swap this summer.
 photo 20141027_161042_zpsuarn0sge.jpg

 photo 20141027_161029_zpsm6hw0oo0.jpg

Liam's little socks.
 photo 20141027_161348_zps9egskgtj.jpg

 photo 20141027_161336_zpszx78yc8w.jpg

Vera's socks, she wanted some purple stripey socks so I used a gradient purple and alternated it with white.
 photo 20141027_161233_zpsutvzi2jn.jpg

 photo 20141027_161252_zpscawmg1xn.jpg

Eleanor's gradient purple socks.
 photo 20141027_161109_zpstemsr2jk.jpg

 photo 20141027_161136_zps50sql5jk.jpg

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Wookie's Thanksgiving

Wookie impatiently waiting for his Thanksgiving plate of food!
 photo 20141127_170121_zps9ozfwmke.jpg

And scarfing his dinner!
 photo 20141127_170131_zpsbhu6kqj7.jpg
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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wookie Wednesday

Just one week before the storm, enjoying our lovely 60's.
 photo 20141111_131123_zpsgap6jikh.jpg

Wookie enjoying our first few flakes.
 photo 20141113_122102_zpszum0ryog.jpg

Wookie loved our bit of the Buffalo Snow Storm.
 photo IMG_20141119_120747_zpsrhptwtqz.jpg

Sleepy Wookie, the snow tuckers him out!
 photo 20141120_235832_zpsioxyhrej.jpg

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

John's Birthday Socks

This year for John, my brother-in-law, I knit him, my sister, and my niece matching socks! I took about a million pictures as I was super proud of these, but I won't drowned you all in them and will just show a few.

Here is the picture my sister sent me after they received the socks!
 photo IMG_0292_zpsxacslubn.jpg

I love to see the size difference between the pictures, from left to right, Kid's 11, Women's 6, and Men's 13.
 photo 20141029_150032_zpskdl4xxiw.jpg

 photo 20141028_125624_zpslfdqtlpi.jpg

I did all the math to make sure the socks matched exactly! I love how they turned out, but here is a good reason not to do this again:

This is just one pair of socks for ends to weave in, multiply this times three! It was craziness!
 photo IMG_20141005_183042_zpsf7wm22ku.jpg

Eleanor would like me to do the same next year, but she'd like her doll to match them also.  Which I will do, but if they are stripey, it'll be self-striping!  :)

Monday, November 24, 2014

The Dyer's Notebook Giveaway

I meant to blog about this when I got it, but I forgot. The Dyer's Notebook had a giveaway for one of her Alice Kits and I won!

This is how it arrived, in a cute little box!
 photo 20140929_133131_zpspqnx4v6v.jpg

 photo 20140929_133122_zpsz06ckhie.jpg

This is the first real knitting bag I have ever owned and I so very much love it!
 photo 20140929_133416_zps0qwd3nx1.jpg

 photo 20140929_133631_zpsnwirg0e6.jpg

The yarn is a little lighter in color.  It's a single merino that I am using as part of a reversible hat.
 photo 20140929_133307_zpsaereu0xa.jpg

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Spinning Wheel Love

My relationship with my wheel is very much on and off. Pulled her out of the corner though and cleaned her and did a little spinning. A couple years ago I purchase enough of this fiber to hopefully spin enough to make a sweater . . . I am still spinning it.

 photo IMG_20141121_222956_zpsqkujvt6j.jpg

I'm not sure that I'll still make a sweater out of it when I am done, but I am sure at this speed, I have plenty of time to decide what to do with the yarn.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Doll Flashback to the Past

When I was young my main crafting outlet was making dolls and clothes for them. I loved doing it and everything I made was hand sewn, even the hair was yarn that was stitched strand by strand into the dolls head. They were time consuming and I primarily stopped making them because I didn't think the time I put into them were appreciated by the recipients, especially the last two I made . . . I know this is a bad reason, but it's true. I loved making the dolls though.

My sister, Rhoni, informed me yesterday that one of the dolls I made 18 years ago had made it's way from my Grandma Cheryl to my niece Eleanor.

Most of my dolls were made faceless, as I preferred this, but there was a chunk of time in which I put iron-on faces on them, because other people preferred that they have faces. This face mostly lasted 18 years, just a bit of the eyebrows and the lips are missing. I was informed they were lost partially due to a trip or trips through the washer... the iron-on faces I do not believe were meant to last going through a washer and dryer, so that is to be expected.

 photo IMG_20141113_214137_zpspmk66zll.jpg

My sister took a comparison picture, the baby doll is about 12" long, so the sewn doll is quite large, I believe she was made as a 24" doll and was one of the very few that I made that large.
 photo IMG_0332_zpse9cnmj7i.jpg

Seeing it was a nice walk down memory lane and almost made me want to make them again.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Snow flurries!

 photo IMG_20141113_123010_zpss9fvbdxy.jpg

Wookie loves the snow and colder weather, so he was quite happy with the snow flurries on our walk!

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Nifty thrift store find!

 photo IMG_20141112_130501_zpsvenfwbbu.jpg
I love wooden bowls, just need to find some good conditioning wax/lotion for wood. Also considering staining them...

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Lo-Lo Bar

This is my absolute favorite scent of Lo-Lo Bar!

 photo IMG_20141107_183306_zpsk6pnuosr.jpg

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

And napping

 photo IMG_20141019_235420_zpsl9pc3c6x.jpg

Wookie Wednesday

Isn't Fall awesome?  Loving the cooler weather and all the Fall smells!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Doll clothing!

I know I disappeared, going back to work sucked more energy out of me than I expected!   I have a bunch of stuff to share with you, but for today I'm going to leave you with the little doll socks I just finished!