Sunday, August 31, 2008

Some Art

I already had an assignment for school to create art. In my Art and Special Needs class we were given the assignment on Monday and it had to be done by Wednesday for class. We had to address two things. We had to address something that makes us "tick" and we had to address our concerns about working with students with special needs.

So the thing that makes me tick. I work in an ice cream and candy store and I have plenty of time to observe people's behaviors toward other people, especially their children. People can and some are very rude to their own children and it doesn't even seem like they notice it. So, my lady is blind because some times you cannot see your actions as clearly as others can and this worries me because I don't want to treat people badly. She is nude because everyone else can see her actions as plan as day . . . but may not tell her, because they are uncomfortable letting her know (kind of like The Emperor's New Clothes).

My concerns not only working with children with special needs, but working with children in general is represented by the marbles. If you try to carry all the marbles, will you loose all of them because you took on too much? What if I can't be enough for all of them?

There is no expression on her face, because she doesn't even realize she is loosing some of the marbles.

Limited Crafts

The only craft I have to show you this time is the tennis ball bag. I have worked on other things, but don't feel like taking any more pictures tonight. It's been a long week and I still have lots of the apartment to clean. So crafty stuff will be in the next couple of days here.

Tennis Mesh Bag

Yarn: Royale Fashion Crochet Thread
Size: 3
Color: Sage
Content: Merc. Cotton 100%

Hook: 2.25mm

Pattern: my own (may take the time to write something up, but really mesh bags are pretty much the simplest thing to wing yourself)

The boy was actually kind enough to acknowledge that my crafts may actually be of some use.

Garden Update

Jalapeno plant with lots of blossoms and a few small jalapenos.

Two rose buds on my rose bush.

Tomatoes! a few more tiny ones that I didn't take pictures of.

Green Bell Pepper.

Red Hot Cherry Peppers.

A very tiny jalapeno!

My cherry tomato basket. They are just now starting to really grow. I will question seeds purchased from Wal*Mart from now on as these were the only ones that struggled, the rest were purchased at Lowe's.

My beautiful Cacti!

The strawberries are still growing, but no new flowers. My chives are still loving life in general. Not much else going on in the garden.

My crazy life

Well, this week was the first week of school and lets just say it wasn't the great start I was hoping for, don't worry, there is good news too, but first the negative so we can move past it and focus on the happier parts.

~worrying health concerns of my boyfriend
~art portfolio full of about 60-70 dollars of art supplies was stolen on second day of school
~donated blood on Tuesday at school and she missed my vein so instead of taking the needle out and trying again, she just wriggled the needle around until she hit the vein (OUCH!), which left a nice bruise on the inside of my elbow and it's still a little tender.
~General havoc of having to spend so much on supplies and books
~Work and work study = 35 hours more of my time

~I am still mostly sane
~There is a good chance baby Gerrin will come home in the not too distant future.
~the boyfriend was kind enough to replace the materials which were stolen and some plus! He's such a good man . . .
~I am now engaged!

Lovely, huh? I already have most of it figured out. We are going to get married at a park about an hour and a half away from our apartment. It will be very small wedding, less than 20 people. Casual, with only me and him dressing up. My sister is going to make a lovely cake for my wedding with tiers and everything (she's incredibly good at making wedding cakes)! I am going to make my own wedding dress. First I intend on starting with knitting my own wedding veil. I think I am going to use a silk blend. I am going to sew my own dress. The dress itself will be white, sleeveless, and have a medieval feel to it. It will most likely have two think layers, a nice cotton or something against my skin and then something a bit prettier on the outside. I am going to make an orange corset to go over it. I intend on knitting my own garter and making some type of slipper-ish type item for me to wear under my dress.

We will most likely have the reception at our apartment in the back yard. I see no point in renting some place for 20 or less people. Nope, our back yard is big enough and my mom, myself, and my sister will make the food.

I have already started to sketch out my wedding invitations.

I am sure some people think it's just silly for me to want to do all of this myself, but this is my wedding and I can do these things. I am going to start on the veil first because my fiance (ha ha, so nifty) are still trying to do healthier things with our lives and I don't want to make a dress that won't even fit me when the time comes. I have always had a big head, so that won't change. Plus, I'd like it to be really nice. So my goal for now is to have the pattern for the veil decided by the end of the week and by the end of next week have the yarn ordered.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Stitch My Square

Well, I am almost finished with the Bird in Flight Square. Just adding a border.

This is my second square for August. Cables. It is barely started though, so there is not much to see.

New Projects

I do realize, somewhere deep inside of me that maybe one should finish some of their WIPs before starting new projects, but I have long buried that part of me deep in some little crevasse of my little toe or something.

I mentioned a few posts ago that we went and played tennis. So, I am making us a mesh bag to hold our tennis balls in. Here is the start of it. It is with crochet cotton and some crochet thread. Just kind of making it up as I go along. This will be the top.

Next new project is a cowl for myself. I am using some yarn my sister echo bought me in Washington State, in return I got her a spindle. Any who, I wanted to use this yarn up so it wasn't sitting in my stash anymore. It is a Cascade Yarns Superwash Wool. I am working on two circular needles since one would be just a bit too long and I started with DPNs and it was just too fiddly. Of course it is going to be in my favorite stitch and the pattern in the middle of it will be blocks of this and stockinette.

In other news: no work has been done on Rhoni's gloves. She has agreed to let me send her the first one to let me know how it fits since this is all trial and error for me right now.

Slow Moving

Again, it bears repeating . . . do not let me do another mosaic project unless it doesn't have to be done until I am seventy years old. I am still working on my mother's mosaic journal. Yes, I realize that initially I was suppose to bring it to her on my visit back in the beginning of June, but I just couldn't get it finished in time. So, I am still working on it now that Art Camp is over. Here is my meager progress.

I still need to finish the mosaic part, put the green trim over the binding and potentially fill in the cracks with something either see through or black. Yikes, I know . . . it takes me too long because I want it to look just right. Yes, yes, I realize I am a bit of a perfectionist or ocd, whichever you want to consider it.

More and Less

Well, a bit of the garden has been pulled up. Mostly due to bugs which I can no longer keep up with. However, some are thriving in this nonsense.

This is the very first Red Hot Cherry Pepper that began growing and it is almost ripe!

Here is the second Red Hot Cherry Pepper, he's barely a teenager.

And lastly, the third Red Hot Cherry Pepper, this guy is just a wee one.

Next, the tomato plants closely survived another plan to cut them down. After all, we can't tear them down when they are starting to actually have veggies. See the wee tomato that has decided to try and push through this odd weather.

Lastly in pictures we have a picture of the Green Bell Pepper Plant, no offense, but it's about time. This thing is like twice as tall as the other pepper plants and this is the first pepper it has produced and it is still an infant.

Otherwise, strawberries and beans are still growing like crazy. I have a couple more buds on my rose bush. My little cherry tomato plants are finally actually growing, little do they know summer is almost over. And finally, my cacti are doing well.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Well, we went biking 18 miles on Saturday. Today we biked for 4.5 miles and played tennis for about an hour and a half. Exhausted. Going to go make home-made pizzas now!

I will be back tomorrow or Wednesday with pictures of projects and some garden stuff. Most is getting ripped out though - - weather is too icky and I won't have time to deal with ailing plants. See you then.

Friday, August 15, 2008

I think this fits me well

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Dyeing Fun

Since school starts up in a little over a week I have been cleaning and reorganizing stuff to make it more manageable when school starts. I wanted to condense my dyeing stuff so I wanted to use some of the dyes I had mixed already from previous dyeing sessions.


This batch was made first. I had like four different reds, two different oranges, a yellow, and some purples left that I used on this.


And this beauty was a happy accident, which only reminds me of Bob Ross. I decided haphazardly that I would mix all the remaining dyes together and dye something in it. I had a nice amount of black, some green, a little left over of the reds and oranges. I mixed them all together and cooked this in a pot. I love so much the way it turned out and find it rather disappointing that it is impossible to duplicate.

The Sleek Mistress is definitely going to go to something special. Overall, great dyeing experience last night. Reminded my why I love it so much.

Meet Maximilian

Maximilian is a lovely King Tut cotton cat. He was made using this pattern. He prefers to be called Max and he is my quality control kitty. He makes sure I am doing my crafts to the best quality possible.

This is one of Max's favorite pictures because he thinks the shadows make him look more serious.

This one is also a favorite of Max's because he likes how he is looking down at the viewer. It helps his ego.

As you can tell, he loves the camera . . . he pretends not to, but he's a ham.

King Tut Cotton is one of my absolute favorite yarns. I absolutely love the feel of it! If I had only one yarn I could choose to knit with it would be King Tut Cotton. No, I don't work for them, just love their yarn.

Progress, Progress

Here is the small amount of progress I have made on the gloves. I have now passed the thumb and have those stitches on scrap yarn until I get to that point and am working my way towards the fingers.

I think the cables are coming out nicely. The one furthest to the left will be seen better when the glove is actually on. I can't try it on myself as they are a tad too small for me.

I have also made some progress on my Bird in Flight filet crochet.

I think the bird is really showing up now. I have a few more rows to do and then block it. I am really enjoying the way this looks.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Good Oreos?

As many people who know me already know, I don't like Oreos. I know it is just blasphemous. I will eat the creamy center, but the cookies I think are just disgusting. However, a crafting blog had a link to these. Which actually might be good. So, I may make these one day in the future and just may find myself going to the dark side.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Stitch My Square

Okay guys, last post for tonight. I am once again active in the Live Journal group Stitch My Square. I am sending out two squares this month. Both will be filet crochet. The first one here is of a bird in flight. I am using some left over yarn from a different project of quite some time ago. I like how it is working out.


Just thought I'd show you some of the origami I did in preparation for one of my classes at art camp. This was with the 8 and 9 year old. My heavens that class loved origami.


Mr. Frog


Watch Froggie Jump!


For any of you who were interested. This was what my sunburn looked like.

Now it is a brownish-red and is peeling! Lovely!

Pencil Art

I have been doing some sketching, just not much lately. Hopefully that will change when I start classes in about a week and a half. Here's proof:

It's still pretty lightly drawn and I have been working on and off on her. I call it Dreaming of Far Away Places. I am very happy with the hand, it took some work to get it to look right.

Tour De Fleece

Well, as I already admitted, Tour De Fleece did not go well for me. I was way busier than I thought and didn't accomplish much. But since technically I did accomplish something, I figured I would show it to the world.

This is the single that I will ply with Falling Leaves to make my own gloves. I didn't get anywhere as far as I would have like as I wanted to have all of this spun and be ready to ply, but oh well. And most of this was done when I was out in Washington State. Although it did go well, since I helped my mom figure out some of the problems she was having with her own spinning.