Saturday, November 1, 2008

Charity Knitting

I have wanted to do some charity knitting for some time now, but wasn't sure what to do that. In a recent Lion Brand Newsletter they talked about this charity, Knit One Save One.

I didn't care for most of the preemie patterns that could be found on the net and decided I should just make up some of my own. So I did.

I decided to do a little color work on this one. I might do more like this. Six points of decrease at the top. Approx. 10"

This was my second attempt at a hat based off of the theory of the short rows, like in Tychus. I am calling it the Jr. Hat. The decreases are done quite differently due to the small size and I enjoyed making it. I love the stretchiness. This one has the brim rolled up. Approx. 10"

This second picture is the same hat, but with the brim down. I figured if the hat was too long, it could always be rolled up.

This is the first attempt of the hat above, as you can tell, there is a little point to the top of the hat, because I hadn't quite gotten the figuring of the decreases correct. Approx. 10"

This is the smaller version of the Jr. Hat, this one is approx. 8". This time I got the decreases right on the first go. This one happened to fit over a ball of yarn I had, so it kind of has a model.

Top of the hat.

Laid out flat.

Lastly, this one was the latest pattern. I am calling it the Joseph Hat. It is knit flat, like the Jr. Hat, but stockinette stitch instead of garter. The "ribbing" is garter though. The decreases are a wedge instead. Was very pleased with this one. Decrease math worked out the first time with this one. I guess this gets easier the more you do it. Approx. 8"


Side view, this one also fit the ball of yarn.

Top swirl pattern, you can see the back seam from this view too.

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  1. My favorite charity knitting thing is for Orphans Foundation of America -- the Red Scarf Project.
    they send care packages to foster kids who are now in college (and thus are likely to be over 18, and thus their foster parents no longer get money and may not be able to afford to send them packages).
    Red scarves can be fun -- We have until Dec 31 to send them in