Thursday, November 27, 2008


I usually try to keep this blog mostly about my arts & crafts. That is the focus of this blog and that is what I want it to be about. I haven't been keeping up with it lately like I want to. I am telling my blog this, because in all honesty, most people don't like hearing about things like this. You can choose to read it or skip it if you want, but sometimes you just need to let things out. When I was younger I had a lot of trouble with depression, eventually some things clicked(some not so good things occurred to make it click) and I have figured out ways to deal with it and be mostly depression free since I was about 23. Unfortunately, there are some times when I forget the things I know I need to keep in mind to stay out of depression, sometimes life just seems to be going so nice that I get the misguided impression that I don't need those rules or guidelines to keep me okay. Then, it all slowly creeps back up and me and I realize I am not in a place I want to be with certain things and some people I don't really want around me. The last few weeks have been just that. I am working on getting myself out of that place and I think it is going well, so I hope to blog more regularly like I want to and am going to try to catch up some over this Thanksgiving break.


  1. I "saw" you came by to visit me. Just coming by to visit you too!
    Holidays are always an easy time to get depressed. I am doing good this year and I pray that you are too! Be blessed! :o)

  2. We were going to have dinner with my mom today. Unfortunately, we buried her on Friday. Sad to lose your mom, even if she had a long life.

    Your last post about my blog made my day brighter. Thank you, and please stay healthy.