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Interweave Knits

Interweave Knits

I actually got this a couple days ago, but in all honesty, I have just been a bad blogger lately. Too many projects midway and not much to talk about. Kind of blah place of end of the semester, a little stressful and annoying. Any who, here is my review of Interweave Knits Winter 2008.

~Norah Gaughan article seems a little off to me. It makes her out to be some kind of knitting god or something. Now don't get me wrong, I think she is a great knitter and pattern-maker, but it just really seems a little too glorified, a little too worship like, like she does no wrong and never could.

~Slip-Stitch Texturing Techniques: Eh, somewhat informational. But I don't think it had enough examples or sample stitches to convey what they are talking about. A lot of talk.


~Herringbone Rib Socks(Book Excerpt from Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn) - - A nice looking knitted sock. Only two sizes to choose from. It appears well written and easy to understand.

~Manchester Jacket - - I think it looks rather matronly or something that would look good on maybe a pregnant woman. Of course, I love the trim, Seed Stitch, but I don't think it is flattering on the model and highly doubt it would work on most body types. Maybe a really busty gal.

~Blooming Cardigan - - I can't quite tell what I think of this. First, it looks too big on the model. It looks like they bunched it around her sides to make the back and the front look a little more fitted. Maybe it would look better without the tie as it seems to make it look more frumpy on her.

~ Harvard Square Caps - - It looks okay. I kind of like the one with two colors.

~Stenton Garden Pillows - - I like the cabling detail in the pillows and think they would make great shorter projects. Something like this would be similar to making washcloths in the fact that it would give you a chance to try out some new stitches or combination of stitches.

~Pfeiffer Falls Hooded Scarf - -I like this idea, but I think there is some flaws in it. Such as the little pockets on the end that can double as mittens, this is unrealistic if the scarf us actually in use and wrapped around the neck as the scarf is not long enough to reach back around to put one's hands in there. The back of the hat has a very odd shape that doesn't seem to fit the head very well. I do like the theory of a hood and scarf all in one though.

~Climbing Vines Pullover - - I do not think the cropped sleeves look good, which may be the fault of the shirt under the sweater that the model is wearing. I can't quite tell if the sweater is at fault or if it was put on a model that it doesn't really look good one. The sweater doesn't look very shapely and kind of makes the model look boxy and unflattering.

~Victoria Yoke Pullover - - I really like this. I think the color is nice and I love the texture of the waffle stitch. I am not sure this would look good one a larger person, like myself, but it would probably be worth the attempt.

~Lifted Twill Hats - - As a part of the population who is graced with a huge head size, I am not particularly a fan of this hat, because it makes the model's heads look a little large and I don't need that kind of further distortion to my head. Or maybe the hats also don't fit the models' heads very well. However, I do think the stitch pattern is nice.

~Woven Bands Pullover - - What?!?! A boat neck for a man, how the heck is that attractive? It really looks like he is wearing his girlfriend's sweater. The undershirt seems to have been chosen for its attempt to hide the boat neck. *shudder* Where is Interweave headed? Makes me almost regret my subscription renewal for two more years.

~Positano Tote - - I actually like this bag. Not sure if I would actually use something like this or not, but I am definitely attracted to it. I love the woven twill look that the herringbone makes. I reminds me of a bag my great grandma would have, but in a good way! Really like it.

~Handsome Mittens - - Well, definitely not handsome. Nothing really else to say.

~Murano Scarf - - Kind of nice, but I think the real lack of contrast makes me shy away from it. Maybe if one of the yarns was a darker yarn or brighter yarn.

~Ropes and Picots Cardigan - - Yet again, it seems to large for the model. I think this could actually be an attractive garment if it had some more shaping and actually fit the model.

~Marilyn's Bed Jacket - - I like some of the general structures of the jacket. I do not like the band around the closure. I like the neckline or the matching design on the sleeves. I think it would look better if the zig-zag pattern continued down, instead of the ribbing, which just flairs and doesn't seem too attractive. I think sometimes people try to add too many stitches or design elements into a garment and there is such a thing as too much. Overall though, I think it might be a worthy knit, with some key changes in the garment.

~Holly and Poinsettia Mittens - - I think these would make cute children's gloves. The color work is adorable as with the embroidery. I would definitely make a fiber change though since angora is a big no-no for me. Overall, quite adorable!

~Sandalwood Socks - - I am not so sure about the stitch on the top of the socks, but I really do love the stitch on the side of the socks. Don't much care for the back of the socks.

~Elaine's Blouse - - Buttons in the back??? Well, this is perfect for the person who has someone to dress them everyday, but who in the heck has that luxury? The sweater seems to fit the model well and has nice design elements in it, but seems quite impractical.

~Spectrum Tam and Scarf - - I like the color choices and patterns in both of these. The tam is cute and the simplicity of the ripple stitch on the scarf shows off the yarn well. A good example of how a simple pattern can really shine with the appropriate yarn and colors.

~Sweet Honey Beret - - I like the stitch pattern, but in general, not so much of a beret person.

~Fresco Herringbone Hat - - I think the patterning on the hat is cute. I even think the button on the band is cute, however, I do wonder why they chose a picture to put in the magazine, in which you couldn't see that there was this button on the band. I do not necessarily like much else in the hat though and sadly it would seem that Interweave didn't much care for it actually either from the photographs they chose to show it off.

~Dainty Pinstripes Pullover - - Conflicted. I think this could be a very nice looking piece, however, wrong model type, again, and I think the neckline is just way too wide. Why did they have the model wear something dark underneath it, both in top and skirt? Some actual shaping might have done some good too or maybe wear it with negative ease?

~Washington Square Vest - - I think this garment has real potential, but yet again, Interweave did a poor job of show casing it. I doesn't seem to fit the model, it seems a bit too large on the top and what kind of layering sense does that make? I have to say, if I was the designer, I would be highly disappointed with Interweave's choices. This would be a knit worth knitting up just to see how it ends up looking. I really like the look of it.

~Welt and Rib Raglan - - I think this knit looks nice, but I definitely think this is a skinny person knit. All those lines and how snug it is, not a bigger gal knit, but it is a nice pattern.

Overall, not too pleased with the magazine. A couple of good knits, but poorly done overall on Interweave's side. Quite disappointed, but glad there was a couple of good knits.

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