Friday, November 28, 2008

The Weaving Experience

I have thoroughly enjoyed my fibers class (except for some whiny classmates), but the weaving has been the most enjoyable so far and makes me crave a loom. Here is the first scarf I made, this one is mine and it closely matches my Tychus hat I made quite some time ago.

I love how this scarf turned out, even if it is a beginner scarf with a few errors. It is a random twill pattern. The warp is a cotton yarn that the teacher required we use on our first scarf. I used white, olive green, and black. For the weft I used a black wool(Lana Grossa Joker-80%wool and 20%Polyamide) I had bought back in Ithaca before we moved here.

This next scarf was made for my mother. I used Red Heart Soft Yarn in Leaf, Dark Leaf, and Honey. I think it turned out wonderful, even if it was only the second thing I have woven. I made up the pattern myself. There is a couple tension problems at one end, where I began weaving and had to work on my tension, but I hope she will overlook that. *smile* I will admit to being a fan of Red Heart Soft Yarn, I think wool is warmer, but for those who don't like wool, this is a very soft acrylic. One of my mother's favorite colors, is a lime green color, so I hope these colors work well for her.

A detail pic of the weaving pattern.

A full picture.

Another close-up.

A modeled shot, of course. :)

A pic of the fringe.

Lastly, I though you guys might like to see what some of my other classmates are doing for their first scarf. Click the thumbnail to see it larger.

These last two pics aren't from my class, but one of the fiber majors that I know. She is doing this wonderful Shibori technique with her woven scarf. I saw her sample piece after it had been dyed, absolutely beautiful. The warp and weft in this are merino, the brown is where she will tie it off to dye it.

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  1. I have much respect for anyone who has enough patience to weave, I end up very frustrated very quickly!

    Beautiful scarves.