Friday, November 28, 2008

WIPS Update

Still working on a few things.

Justice's Gloves:
I have one completed and the cuff on the second one.

Dad's Gloves:
Still haven't worked much past the first few rows of the cuff since ripping it all out.

Rhoni's Phoenix Rising Gloves:
One glove finished and the second is almost to the fingers, just a couple more rows. Will take more pictures of second one soon.

A pair of gloves for myself:
No picture yet, but I am just barely past the cuff on the first glove, will get pics and put up info soon.

Second Trial of Joseph Hat:
No pictures yet, but will get some up soon.

Weaving third scarf at school. This one is going to be for Echo probably. Will get some pics this week at school.

**I am in sure in reality, I have many more WIPs right now, but I think their status is more like UFOs until the New Year**

P.S. Anyone on Ravelry, I have been working on updating my account (walden121) there now that you can use other things to upload pictures. Not that I don't care for Flickr, but I am a Photobucket junkie and it was a bother to have to upload pictures in two places, just to be able to post them to one more location. Any who, maybe I will be more active there now.

1 comment:

  1. Great progress on the gloves you are making!

    And thanks for the heads up that we can now use other photo storage on Ravelry!! YAY!! I am a PB head too!! Let me go check that out!