Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The love affair

Okie, dokie, Wips . . .

Well, lately I have had some trouble sticking to a monogamous relationship in my knitting. So even though I am half way done with the second Phoenix Rising Gloves, I have slipped out during the dead of night while it was asleep about a week ago and have not come home to it yet.

First I decided what I needed was a project with some larger needles, so I started on Echo's moss colored fingerless gloves . . . unfortunately that is a rocky affair and we haven't seen each other since the day I started them.

Then I did a bunch of charity knitting, shown in the earlier post. I also finished this one the other night. I adore these hats so much. It is a new whirlwind affair and it is hard to keep myself on somewhat of a track for holiday knitting.

I decided if I wanted to get presents done in time, I was going to have to get back to work, but decided not to return to the first two affairs, but start a new one. My dads gloves.

And let me tell you, all those affairs were sending bad mojo my way. I had done my gauge swatch back when I was still working on the first Phoenix Rising Glove, and had nine stitches per inch. It seemed a little big once I started knitting past the ribbing and at half way, I had to admit that I needed to remeasure the gauge on this, because it just looked too large . . . Go figure, my gauge has changed to eight stitches per inch. That makes this glove a whole inch larger than it needed to be . . . so rip, rip, rip.

And start again.

Does this sway me from my cheating ways . . . no unfortunately not, once a cheater, always a cheater. *smile*

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