Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ah, Loom!

My heavens, I realized today that I never even introduced this blog to my loom! Crazy, huh? Well, to say the least it was a bit of a traumatizing event since the e-bay seller who sent it to me packaged it so poorly that UPS thought the item was damaged. The box arrived with holes in it!

This is actually how it looks when UPS dropped it off to me! Yeah, you can see why they wondered if there was damaged done to the item. I would show you the other little holes, but we'd be here all day. It was only packaged in two boxes taped together, no padding of any kind to protect the loom!

The straps you see here, used for the front tie down are what was only stapled onto the wooden bar. (see explanation below)

Here you see the loom all set up with just a band of weaving for me to make sure the loom works. Which it does! Yeah! The levers for the heddles stick a little because the box had to be flipped upside down and sit on the levers due the giant hole you saw that was technically suppose to be the bottom.

So far, however, it seems part of the tie down was kind of rigged up and only stapled on, I found this out after I had dressed the loom for a scarf for my niece and had woven about 6 inches of it and the staples came undone! So I am going to have to do a little DIY on it before I can use it, but I don't think it'll take too long to fix, once the snow stops and goes away enough that it is safer to drive on the roads so I can make a trip to Lowe's and get a few things.

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  1. Oh no! Hope it isn't too much work to fix up :)