Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Knitty

I know, I know, I am a little late with this, but bear with me. The new Knitty is up! I quite like a lot of these, which is nice, because I haven't been caring for most knitting magazines right now.

~Bijouterie - - I love the idea of knitted jewelry. I have seen Rosemary's work before and wanted to get her new book. All of the pieces on Knitty are nice, but I especially like #1 & #2. *Rosemary's blog and my previous review on her blog.

~A little bird told me - - Cute bag. It would have been nice to have a few pictures with the bag open or the flap up. I could see making something like that, probably without the embroidery though.

~Tushy Cushy - - It looks a little odd, yes, but I am sure it would be wonderful for babies or small kids. Reminds me a little more of 1950's torpedo breasts though. It does look insanely comfortable . . . don't know if I could get away with knitting one for myself though.

~Fern Glade - - I love the stitch pattern used! Not a slouchy hat person, but I would definitely knit this for someone else. I thought her blog was nice and will be adding it to my list of watched blogs.

~Topographie - - Kind of nifty, reminds me more of like braille or seams, not maps. I like the neck warmer more than the hat.

~Fish Hat - - Interesting, although I don't think I know anyone who would actually wear a knitted dead fish on their had, maybe if I knew some young boys. Nifty idea.

~Therapi - - I am drawn to this sweater. I like the different stitch patterns & it looks like one of those very comfortable sweaters. I think it would look nice in like a dark olive green. I of course already read Stefanie Japel's blog and own her book Fitted Knits, so I guess it's no wonder I am drawn to her pattern.

~Greyscale - - Not so much a fan of the white and black. Too glaring. Maybe if the gauge was smaller it would be better. The pattern seems nice, but I can't really get past the color.

~Amused - - Love the little details like the reversible cables on the collar. I think this has real potential, but for a larger gal the pooch that occurs after the cable collar and before the ribbing would not fair well. Maybe if it was changed into a cardigan and the cable design went all the way down. Not sure, but definitely giving me some ideas.

~Everybody Knows - - Good structure, but I really don't care for the dropped stitch areas. It kind of looks like something Keanu Reeves would wear in the Matrix, which I haven't quite figured out if that is a good thing or not.

~Amelia - - I think the neck is a little too wide, especially in the back, it goes a little too far down. I like the twisted rib accents. I am not sure if I would like this more if it were a sweater without buttons, or if it was a complete cardigan . . . I am not much for the few buttons on top and then open gap . . . as a chubbier chick, this is usually not so flattering to draw attention to the stomach area. Not sure, but definitely like some things about it. I already read Laura's blog Cosmicpluto Knits.

~Surface - - I am always here or there with Norah Gaughan's designs, but I absolutely LOVE this one! I absolutely love the textured stitch, it is simply to die for! (yes, I am fully aware that saying that just made me drop a few IQ points) I am a sucker for good texture though. I will most definitely cast on for this in the year 2009, if I don't, someone has to remind me!

~Latvian Vest - - All the color work patterns are beautiful, but not too sure I'd want them all together like that. I would probably pick one pattern and work it into the vest as a full pattern or as an accent pattern. Lovely designs though.

~Mirror - - I like the stitch pattern, but I am not a mitten person myself.

~Larus & Ardea - - I really like the twining stitching. I also like the cording trim. If I were to make them though,I would probably go up further like a glove and give them some length on each finger.

~Miittens - - I think these are simply adorable. This would make good charity knitting. They are far too cute. I already read her blog and here is a previous review I did on her blog.

~Plaited Points - - I don't so much care for these. The cabled design seems more like an after thought and doesn't seem to fit into the sock as a whole. I also don't care for items in which only one size is given.

~Naniboujou - - I like these. Very holiday colors, but nice pattern. I think it kind of reminds me of crochet due to the colored shadow work.

~Fargyle - - Again, not for patterns in which only one size is given. The design is okay, but sock patterns are all the rage and have to be quite unique to really get my attention.

~Black Rose - - I like the lace detail, but I think it looks better on the wristlets.

~Oomingmacks - - Cute, but no way would I make them or wear them.

~Socktopus - - Interesting, yet kind of creepy. I think the creepy thing is that they have feet, like human legs and feet.

~Bark-a-lounger - -Essentially a glorified pillow. Beautiful design. Would definitely knit this for myself as I have no pets currently. I would make the front twice though and not make it an outer cover.

~Rusty Nail - - I have to admit, when I saw the designer's name, I immediately became more interested as I love her sock books, but I am not much for this shawl.

~Gwynedd - - Okay, but it doesn't come off as anything too special.

~Esteem - - In all honesty, it looks interesting, but the design seems lost in the yarn color choices.

~Poinsettia - - Nice pattern, a little too girly for me, but then I tend to like her lace patterns. Her blog is of course, Knitspot.

~Maja - - Love it! Such an interesting stitch pattern. Just beautiful. Makes me want to cast on right now.

Texturize your knitting - - nice article, definitely worth reading.

Notchless spindles - - another nice article, I have never used a spindle without a notch that I think would be interesting to try.

I think this was a rather nice Knitty and am quite pleasantly surprised. I hope you all have a chance to look at it and would love to hear some of your opinions.

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