Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Knit.1 Magazine

I of course had to get the new Knit.1 magazine since it came out today. *warning, pics on their site are quite washed out*

~Chinese Zodiac Amigurumi - - *crocheted* adorable little guys. They don't look very difficult and would make great children or animal toys. (only crocheted toys on page)

~Habanero Cabled Sweater - - I do like this design, but then again, a fan of Stefanie Japel's designs. I wonder about all those lines on a larger gal, but I will admit I would like to make it for myself. Probably not in red, since I don't look all that good in red, but a nice teal or yellow.(first pic on page)

~Backbone Vest - - I like the collar in the front and really overall the design of the front, although I think it might look nice as a sweater/cardigan . . . basically with some sleeves. I am really unsure of the design on the back. I kind of like the cable, but not really sure about the lines that go out.(second picture on page, doesn't show back though, only front)

~Marlene Socks - -I really can't figure out if I like them or not. Design is by Cookie A. Love her blog, but her designs for me are like Norah Gaughan's and I am always here or there about them. There almost seems to be too much pattern, not sure where to look. Is only sized for "adult women", yuck for designs with only one size option. (third item on page)

~Rainy Day fingerless gloves - - These are actually adorable. Not sure if I would wear them myself or not, but a wonderful little kid design. I do like the idea of making a picture on the gloves though. Yet again, yuck for designs who only have one size . . . and a woman's small at that! (fourth pic on page)

~Relm Tam - - It's cute, not much for slouchy hats though. If interested, there are much better pictures on his website, Brooklyn Tweed. (fifth pic on page)

~Rapunzel Stocking - - A design from the lovely Ysolda. I like the stockings, but where the yarn overs are double towards the top, it just doesn't look right to me. Not sure what I would do to alter that, but it bothers me. Again, boo for designs with only one size. (sixth pic on page)

~Red Brick Road Socks - -Plain, but nice socks. Simple cable down the side. These would probably make great men's socks if done in a different color. This pattern is from Wendy Knits, a lovely blog to read. (seventh item on page)

~Temporal Scarf - - wtf?? (eighth pic on page)

~Chunky Lace Wrap - - odd name seeing as there really isn't any lace to speak of because of the yarn and needles it is done up in. I like the way this lace stitch works up in this, but I don't much care for it as a scarf, would probably be a great blanket though. (30th pic on page)

~Triangle Lace Shawl - - Looks nice, but only one pic of it. Not a shawl person myself, anyways. (31st pic on page)

~Lace Scarf - - Looks nice, but not for me. (32nd pic on page)

~Lace Hoodie - - Hmm, not really sure about this. It looks like it has potential to be a nice sweater, with some actual shaping, different connection method of sleeves, and longer sleeves. (33rd pic on page)

~Chunky Cabled Tam - -Nifty looking. Not a slouchy hat person, but I could see knitting this for someone else. (22nd pic on page)

~Textured Vest - - I like the top part of it, but overall it is not pleasant at all.
(23rd pic on page)

~Chunky Scarf - - huh? (24th & 27th pic on page)

~Cabled Cuffs - - Semi interesting, however, the large clasps seem so awkward for a tiny knit. (25th pic on page)

~Striped Mittens - - Real lack of fit, seems large and clunky. (26th pic on page)

~Transition Scarf - - As a sucker for texture, I like this scarf, but probably wouldn't make it. I am not much of a scarf person as I have a short attention span. (28th pic on page)

~Cropped Cardi - - Kind of interesting, not sure if it would look good on a larger gal seeing as it is knit is some very chunky yarn, but nice look to it. (29th pic on page)

~Embroidered Yoke Pullover - - Basic structure doesn't look too bad, but it's hard to actually see the knit very well in the pictures in the magazine. Disappointed. (34th pic on page)

~Brioche Rib Pullover - - I like the look of this one, very 80's type look to it. It might be worth a knit. (35th pic on page)

~Garter Yoke Cardi - - Reminds me a lot of the February Lady Sweater. I know it is a little different, but not enough. Oh well, I think if the neck was higher up it would look better and if the sleeves were longer. (36th on page)

~Duotone Cardi - - Love the trinity stitch in the middle(in red), although you know I am a sucker for texture. Not really sure that I like the think over all. I think I'd much rather like the texture and just the red, I do like the color and the general structure of the item though. (37th item on page)

~Multi Motif Afghan - - Not so much for this . . . maybe if the colors flowed better. I am a fan of granny squares and such, but this is kind of color conflict overboard. (38th, last, item on page)

Food Coloring - - Loved this article, gives you some basics on natural dyeing with plants. Definitely would like to try some of this!

Variations and Possibilities - - A nice article on the simplicity of knitting top down items.

In the end, was it worth the six bucks? Maybe if I think of it as inspiration of possibilities or what not to do. In terms of patterns I would actually knit . . . maybe . . . I do like Habanero. Habanero, the amigurumi, and the Chunky Cabled Tam are the only ones I think I would consider knitting as is, without any alterations. Disappointed, I am not sure if I am out of the norm, but is this really what their target audience of 18-35 really wants? I will carefully look at the next issue before actually purchasing it. Any who, let me know what you think of this issue.


  1. Thanks for this run down. I like this mag.
    Off to the bookstore.

  2. re: backbone vest - I liked the vest (and agree that it'd be great as a sweater or cardigan!) and am currently working on it. Be warned though, there is a glitch in the pattern where you work the sleeves for the back. I've already frogged it once and have emailed knit1 about the glitch. Unfortunately, they predict that the'll get back to me within a month. one month! *sigh*