Thursday, December 18, 2008

Crochet Today!

I just received the new Crochet Today! issue (Jan/Feb '09).

A little disappointed in the mail service, my magazine arrive in fairly bad condition(torn and ripped up, most pages are readable, a few of the back pages are missing completely).

~Coaster Comeback - - I think the "after" doily is cute, but the "before" one is beautiful. Less likely to be crocheted, but beautiful.

~Woodsy Wrap - - It looks very cute, but I don't know about woodsy, as it doesn't seem like it would actually be very warm. It looks like the design would make a really nice, light throw or blanket.

~Lumberjack Hat - - I actually think this is quite cute. I probably wouldn't wear it myself, but I think the pattern looks nice and well constructed.

~Fireside Throw - - As a fan of granny squares, I like this, not particularly a fan of the colors use in the blanket though.

~Layering Cardi - - Oddly enough, because of my not liking open tops like this, but I really love this! I will partially admit that the orange color is very appealing to me, but I also like the pattern and the structure. Would I crochet this for myself? Not as is, because these open cardi's tend not to look good on larger gals, but I would definitely like to do something with this.

~Snow Day Beret - - I think this is a cute design, not much for the colors. Also not much of a slouchy hat person, but the design looks very well done.

~Fuzzy Boot Slippers - - Nice idea in general, but I don't much care for the pattern itself.

~Rugged Winter Vest - - OOhhhh, LOVE THIS! Don't care for the zipper on the chest, but otherwise . . . oh I am so going to have to make this for myself! Maybe this will be my first cast on for 2009.

~Long Cabin Throw - - I really like this. Again, different colors would probably be chosen, but I like the diagonal pattern. Nice.

~Snowdrift Sweater - - Interesting, but not something I would wear. Definitely looks like something out of the 80's. Not my kind of style.

~Wintry Cowl - - I like the way this looks. What I think is the best, is the way it looks over the head, as a hood. Most knitted ones I don't care for as a hood.

~Frosted Waves - - Very nice pattern, but very girly. Still is very appealing to me. Looks like a nice spring top over a tank top or tee.

~Crafty Cushion - - This is kind of cute, but am not really a fan of these types of cushions. They slide around too much, etc. However, might be a nice pillow when sitting on the floor or something.

~Zig-Zag 'ghan - - Cute but nothing special other than a ripple type of afghan.

~Knotty Pillows - - I think with only the one knot hole, it looks just wrong. I think it's a little too structured to look like wood grain. I think it has potential, but I don't really care for it as is.

~Hearth Rug - - I like the way this looks. I think making them in smaller yarn, that these would look great as placemats. I kind of even like the colors. It has a nice balanced look and I have a soft spot for motif designs.

~Tea and Cupcakes - - Uhm, not for cozies really.

~Wintertime Teddy - - It's cute, but the eyes being level with the nose, it's king of creepy.

~Plush Baby Blocks - - These are cute. I like that they are granny squares and cover actual foam squares. Gauge is obviously a lot more important.

~Colorful Cap - - Appropriately name, it is quite colorful and it look nice.

~Arctic Baby Cardi - - The cardi looks nice and simple. The little moose applique is okay.

~Snow Flower Set - - Eh, a little tacky. A little girl might like it, but I probably wouldn't make it for anyone.

~Birds of a Feather - - Cute little guys. Would definitely make these if I had a reason to.

~Squiggles Blanket - - Eh, nothing special.

~An International Inspiration - - I like this article and I like her attitude.
~Color Confidence - - Nice beginning intro into color use.

Definitely worth it! If you are into crochet, I would definitely recommend this issue!

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