Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Looms, Bears, and Doctors

First of all, I was able to get to Lowe's and get some strong string and tonight I rigged up my loom so it is now functional again! I am finishing up was left on the loom for the scarf that I was going to make Justice. I might still give it to her as a short scarf, but since I had to cut about 5 or so inches off after the loom broke, I do not think it will actually be long enough for a scarf. We shall see. . . here is a peek at what I have done since fixing it.

I have also been working on the Catherine Bear that I started, so far I have both sides of the body and one half of one of the sides of the head (you can actually make out part of its little nose). It is nice, because it's something different than what I was doing (making gloves, gloves, and more gloves). I think it is going to be adorable, but I think it would be more efficient to knit the bears in the round instead of so many pieces so I have it in my mind to try another bear after this, but attempt to convert the pattern to completely in the round . . . we shall see.

Ah, and doctors. We went to the follow-up visit to the stomach doctor today and they told the boy that he has a hiatal hernia, where part of your stomach is up in your esophagus. Now he has another test this friday. So we shall see.

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