Friday, December 4, 2009

Day 4

First, I will show you Justice's first sock, all finished! I didn't work any patterning on Justice's sock because I wanted the focus to be on the yarn and how pretty it was all on it's own. Onto sock number two!

Second, we have my drawings for today. I only worked a bit on the girl's hair and then I worked on some fish designs that I am hoping to use to make my own stamps for a project I need to work on this weekend.

A close-up of one of the fish designs I am thinking about using.

My exercise today consisted of yoga. My shoulder is still bothering me, so I was trying to relieve some of the stress in my body. It made me feel better in general, but not my shoulder. I unfortunately think I will have to go to the college health center this coming week. Blah!

Off to work, see you all tomorrow! . . . . p.s. Due to it being the end of the semester I am horribly behind on most of my blog reading. Sorry, I will catch up eventually.


  1. I'm still catching up too, so I hope your shoulder feels better!

  2. I'm behind, too. We'll catch up eventually. And if not, blogs have the magic "mark all as read" button, unlike textbooks. =)

    Cute fish - is he destined for some bleach-stenciling, by any chance?

    Hope your shoulder is better soon!

  3. I like the fish, Justice is going to love the socks, hope your shoulder is on the mend :)