Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Interweave Knits - Winter 2009

I know this is somewhat late, but it's the first chance I've had to do it. This review is of the newest issue of Interweave Knits, Winter 2009 issue.

~Nora's Sweater - - I like the flowy look of this. The sweater is structured and with a lot of thought. The pleats seem well placed. It seems a little over done though. Maybe the cabling around the neck and middle was a plainer stitch. Overall, I like the sweater, but it appears a bit matronly. Designer is Pamela Powers.

~Syrup Pullover - - This is an unfortunate case of someone who thinks if they add enough crap to a design that it makes it something worth knitting. The textured stitches, the plain stitches, the ribbing on the v-neck, the weird puffy sleeves. It looks like a Frankensteined pattern. Individually, I like the textured stitches, but over all, it appears to be a joke. Designer is Nicole Reeves.

~Aquitaine Pullover - - I like the way this looks from the front. More the lines of texture down the body. However, no where is there pictures of the back, which makes me question what is wrong with the back. The collar is a little too wide. Undecided about this one. Designer is Deborah Newton.

~Alma's Scarf - - It is a nice scarf, but I don't see anything particularly aesthetically pleasing. Designer is Mareike Sattler.

~Alpaca Pleats Jacket - - I am not sure if it's just the outfit that the jacket is with, but it seems out of place. The basis of the jacket, the pleats, doesn't seem appealing to me. Designer is Connie Chang Chinchio.

~Braided Riding Jacket - - I think the jacket is over done, but I like the stitch definition in the yarn. There is something about this jacket that draws me in. Even though the stitches seem like to much, they do have a good balance. It is aesthetically pleasing to look at, just not sure if I'd want to wear it. Designer is Coralie Meslin.

~Floating Spiral Hat - - The stitch definition isn't very good and I don't much care for the pointiness of the hat. Designer is Owen Biesel.

~Art Lace Bag - - I don't think this is appealing at all. The heavy stitches on the bottom. the weight pulling the lace open. I just don't see anything appealing about this. The shape of the bag, may be in style, but it seems like you'd just loose more things in the purse with those weird bottom shape. Designer is Teva Durham.

~Wave and Dimple Kimono - - This is not shape flattering, especially from behind. In general I like the cable stitch, but it looks like bad maternity wear as is. Designer is Sharon Shoji.

~Dusseldorf Aran - - I like the cabling panel, but the sweater in general doesn't seem all that appealing. The sleeves are just silly. Not necessarily a bad sweater, but it does not appeal to me. Designer is Fiona Ellis.

~Deep Texture Tunic - - I love the thermal texture of this and the length. It looks very nice and comfy. I like the fold over collar and the raglan shaping. Simple and nice. The belt doesn't look like it is actually needed. Designer is Melissa Wehrle.

~Shredder Pullover - - I love the cable up the side. I like how detailed it is. Overall, the sweater is okay. I am not sure I know very many men who would wear it with that cable on it though. Designer is Jennifer Hagan.

~Bells of Ireland Cardigan - - I do not understand why the arm holes are so deep. The "bells" look like cherries. Otherwise, I just don't see how the sweater looks appealing, but I don't like those cropped sweaters. Designer is Courtney Kelley.

~Lacy Ribbons - - Honestly, I love sweaters like this. I just fine them unpractical. I'd snag it on anything and everything. I love the look of them though. Designer is Rosemary Hill.

~Half-Felted Knapsack - - I always like the thought of felted bags, but don't think I'd have the patience to knit something that large just to felt it. The handles seem awfully thin for a bag that large. Designer is Christina Moran.

~Fiery Ruche Scarf - - I like the ruching effect. I don't think I'd like to knit the scarf length-ways, but it has a lovely effect. Designer is Victoria Zygas.

~Paper Lanterns - - I like the theory of them, but it seems a little too much work to do for a lantern. I do like functional pieces, which means you'd have to buy these kits and stuff and it would have to fit that specific lantern. Nice idea though.

~Icelandic Star - - I like this sweater. Simple, nice cardigan. The stranded work is complimentary and not overwhelming. I like this a lot. Designer is Sarah Hoadley.

~Miss Michelle's Jacket - - I like this, but not the closures. Hook and eye closures are not sturdy or a warm way of closing. It looks like a nice jacket, not necessarily well fitting though. I love the stitch pattern. Designer is Kristin Roach.

~Heritage Cardigan - - I really like this. I like the large size, the color work, and the overall look of it. Really like the collar. I don't know if I'd actually wear it or not, but I really like the look of it. Designer is Sharon Shoji.

~Aspinwall Pullover - - This is one of the better men's sweaters I have seen. I like that the colorwork separates the switch in stitch patterns. If the boy ever actually wanted me to knit for him, this would be something I would definitely consider. Designer is Susan Dittrich.

~Hearts and Flowers Cardigan - - A cute child's sweater. I am not a fan of that shoulder, but I am sure it makes the colorwork easier and most children probably don't care. Designer is Judy Alexander.

~Pointed Kerchief - - I like the theory of this, a headscarf, but since no photos are provided of the back, I wonder how well it actually works. Designer is Lisa Shroyer. DOWNLOAD FREE.

~Corseted Necklet - - I don't care for anything that must be tied with a ribbon. Designer is Sandi Wiseheart. DOWNLOAD FREE.

~Rittenhouse Scarf - - I like the look of this, but rarely wear scarves for just looks, and this doesn't seem all that practical. Designer is Marilyn Murphy. DOWNLOAD FREE.

~Winding River Cowl - - I like this thick, yet delicate looking mobius-type cowl. This could be something I would consider making. DOWNLOAD FREE.

Hooked on the Environment - - An interesting article about a woman who crochets vines with a pitchfork and her bare hands.

Conclusion. . . I look forward to these, but they rarely show me something exciting. Is it because I've seen too many designs already, so nothing seems new? I hope not, I haven't been knitting for THAT long. I guess in the end, it is a good thing my should will force me to focus on other crafts I'd like to do, because knitting isn't seeming quite as exciting in some aspects.


  1. As always, thank you for the review. I don't recall dog-earing many patterns in this one...

  2. Icelandic Star made me itch to do colorwork. I love the pattern and hope to knit it in the future. The rest of the designs are purely photos to look at where I am concerned.
    Love your review!

  3. Please take a really close look at the cover photo. In particular, look at her folded arms. Why can we see both hands? How did her right arm manage to peek out? Bad photoshopping? and if so, why? what's wrong with the sleeves that needed to be photoshopped? Hmmm.....