Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Doctor's Visit

Well, I had an appointment today at the health clinic on campus. The doctor says I have tendinitis or bursitis. On the positive side, if it is tendinitis, she doesn't think any tendons have ruptured . . . which is good, no surgery or shots. She wrote me a prescription for strong Advil and told me to use a cold pack on it when I can. If I still have pain about two weeks from now (when school is all done), then I am to visit her again because I will have to go through physical therapy.

Lets cross our fingers against physical therapy and hope my body works it out on it's own. Overall, things could have been worse . . . although, they could have been better too. So we shall see.


  1. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, I hope the medicine and cold packs do the trick, you still need to take it easy though !!!!

  2. Glad it's not too serious! Here's to ice packs, and no PT!

  3. Hope their suggestions work. Feel better soon!