Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Knitty - Winter 2009

The new Knitty is out for Winter 2009.

~Spoke - - I find the circle pattern intriguing. It says it can be made as a cardigan or a pull-over. Either way, I don't think that half circle, radiating out from one's side is very flattering on any size of a person. It does seem to accentuate the hips the most, then the waist, but it pretty much obliterates the fact that the model has a chest at all. As I said, intriguing to look at, but not very flattering. Designer is Lori.

~Soria - - I love the cable pattern used in this top, not only is it aesthetically pleasing to look at, it also seems very flattering on the model. I think the colorwork part is a too large for the top though. If I made this I would either eliminate the colorwork completely or I would make it about half as tall as it is. I like the low neck. It's not too low, too revealing, but it is not snug around the neck either. Designer is Tikru.

~Four Corners in Tokyo - - Huh? I don't find this appealing to look at, nor do I think this would be appealing on any person's body. I understand knitters wanting to find unique ways to design things, but some things are better left alone. It looks like a vortex or part of the female anatomy. Either way, why would you want to literally wear a box shape on you? Because of this shape it wrinkles and rolls in areas where you definitely do not want to look like you have more flesh than you do. Unfortunately, I just don't understand it. Designer is Sarah.

~Zora - - It seems simple, nice. I don't see anything especially appealing that draws me to it. The band around the waist seems a little ill placed for the model. I assume it was meant to be more around her waist and less around her hips. Instead of making her waist look smaller, it makes her hips look bigger. Designer is Kristen.

~King of Confidence - - I like the stripey theory of the yoke and the contrasty colors. I do not like the bobble items at all. Blah, it makes it kind of look like slubby yarn. Otherwise, I really like the simplicity of the sweater and think it would make a very comfy cardigan. Designer is Ann.

~Quadrat - - I really want to like this top and part of me does. Against my better judgment, I like the box top part, the neckline and the sleeves. I dislike the whole belt thing and would prefer some waist shaping instead. I actually find myself wanting to cast on for this, but add waist shaping, which would be feasible, just some math. If I ever get that far, this top may be made in my future. Designer is Beautia.

~Mr. Darcy - - Odd photos, but it does look like a nice and simple man's sweater. Love the texture, but I am not so sure about the neck opening. Seems a little odd, like a fish mouth. Designer is Cheryl.

~Knotty but Nice - - It's nice and the cable work is nice. Designer is Natalie.

~Vroom - - Not sure if it is, but the first picture looks like it was done in photoshop. I am not around many four year old boys, so I am not sure, but I do think they might find this vest appealing. Personally, eh. I do like the creativity of it all though. Designer is Valerie.

~Incognito - - I definitely understand the quirky, silliness to it. I don't see myself knitting one though. Designer is Mercedes.

~Shroom - - I think this probably has the best "slouch" effect I have seen in a slouchy hat. Very nifty, could definitely see myself knitting that. Although I don't wear slouchy hats, I know plenty of people who either do or should. Designer is Lee.

~Pyroclastic - - Interesting design. I love all the architecture involved in the sock. Designer is Marlowe.

~Diversion - - Okay, I love this sock!! I love the lizard ridge effect and can't wait to knit a pair of these. Designer is Kristen.

~Synergy socks and shield - - As much as I love Cat Bordhi's mind, this is not something I understand. I don't necessarily get the point of just the shield. If my feet are still cold, it's more than just my lower calf/upper ankle area. I'd want thicker socks in general, not a decorative shield for part of the sock. Designer is Cat Bordhi.

~Saviano - - Nice, but nothing special. Designer is Marjan.

~Tentacular - - I can somewhat understand just the silliness of this scarf, but otherwise I just don't get it. It doesn't seem all that warm. Seems like a pain in the butt to make. And most definitely is not flattering. Designer is Pauline.

~Duet - - I like the leaf design. I like the buttons too. Nice, simple, but a little flare. Designer is Linda.

~Burning Embers - - I like the shape of this cowl. It doesn't appear too bulky, so it will fit under a coat. I like the buttons on the top too, not only for a little more breathable at times, but for ease of getting it off and on. Very nice. Designer is Kristy.

~Frost Diamonds - - It looks okay, but none of the photos really seem to show it off as anything special. The light is just a little too bright. Designer is Stefanie Japel.

~Bitterroot - - I do like this shawl more than the previous one, but I am just not much of a shawl person. The beads look very nice in one of them. Designer is Rosemary.

~Citron - - I like this shawl the best. I like the two different levels of transparency. Delicate, yet doesn't look like you'll ruin it the first time you wear it. Designer is Hilary.

~Queen City - - Very nice fingerless mitts. I like the patterning on the back. Designer is Becky.

~Mrs. Roosevelt's Mittens - - Just mittens with a decrease similar to a toe of a sock. Designer is Franklin.

~Ailbe - - Nice mittens, with nice motif design on the back. I like the cables, simple but nice. Designer is Kristi.

~Mr. Popper's Penguin - - Again, really bad photoshop work. A cover for a hot water bottle - - like heating pad. Don't necessarily think I'd want a penguin on the outside. I understand the purpose and the cuteness to it, but I am not so much in to cozies or making them. Designer is Laura.

Overall, not so many patterns that I liked this time. As always, these are just my opinions and I would love to hear your thoughts on them.


  1. I am so ready to make the socks "Diversion", I just love those, glad to see you are back :)

  2. As usual, you're spot-on (in my opinion). For a change, I didn't queue or cast on immediately, but there is this pair of socks that could tempt me out of my sock hiatus...

  3. Thank you for the preview!

    I just browsed the patterns in conjunction with your reviews.

    Citron will definitely go into my queue as I have some Malabrigo Lace laying around and it just photographed so dreamy.

    The King of Confidence gives me ideas on ways to incorporate my handspun into something usable. I agree with the length of the colorwork and would have chosen a more comparable weight yarn for the body...we will see.