Monday, December 28, 2009

Interweave Crochet - Winter 2009

Interweave Crochet is out with it newest issue.

~Sunset Ruana - - I want to like this. I love entrelac and I love the colors. Not a fan of the whole poncho like shape. I don't care for the belt in the one picture. It's a little too blanket like to be worn like this. Designer is Sharon Falkner.

~Tatiana Pullover - - I think this would look better over some other top, the one under it in the pictures makes it bulge in weird places(sleeves & stomach) and buttons from the undershirt poking out of the lace. Honestly, it's ridiculous that they think it is acceptable. If you wore it over a tank top or thin tee, it would probably look quite nice. I like everything else about the top. Designer is Marlaina Bird.

~Twilight Duster - - I like the shape of the duster. I like the front center area. I don't much care for the color combination though. Honestly, I'd probably never make anything that large, but it does look quite tempting. I'd probably do it in one color or a more professional color combination. . . maybe black and another color. Designer is Doris Chan.

~Katharine Vest - - I don't really care for the coloring of this vest. I think it would look better in a solid color, but I am not sure. The fit on the model seems okay. Can't completely put my finger on it, but it just seems a little unfinished. Designer is Dora Ohrenstein.

~Russell Sweater - - Don't care for this sweater. The changing of direction of the crochet, makes it look more like a woman's peasant top style. I don't particularly think it is attractive on a man. the arm holes and arms are overly large. Would not make this. Designer is Annette Petavy.

~Luna Sweater - - I like the fake cables. The sweater appears to be dense enough to be warm, but not cumbersome. I'm actually quite drawn to this top. I like the color too. I like the sleeve length too. This very well may be something I crochet someday. The only thing I am unsure of, is how the middle false cable is split by the V-neck, it looks distracting. Designer is Kim Guzman.

~Frog Charming - - It's cute, in a cartoon like way. It's not a style I prefer. Designer is Toni Rexroat.

~Rose Diamonds Tunic - - I don't care for this top. The model looks shapeless. This is the bad view of crochet, stiff and shapeless. Designer is Judith Swartz.

~Zoe Vest - -I think this could be a cute vest, but in different colors. Overall, I think it would look better with a top and long skirt. I think it is a little too stiff looking. Probably would not make it. Designer is Ellen Gormley.

~Aubrey Jacket - - I like this. I like the way it appears., but it could use some more structure. I love the stitch, tunisian rib. Definitely looks like a comfy jacket. Designer is Tram Nguyen.

~Arc de Triomphe Cardigan - - I like the stitch pattern. However, I personally don't understand tops like this. Also, the top really doesn't go with the clothing underneath. Designer is Annette Petavy.

~Katrina Shawl - - I adore this. The fuzziness of the yarn compliments the motifs nicely. I am a sucker for crochet motifs though. This might be something I make. Designer is Lisa Pflug.

~Candy Cloche - - The decreasing seems a little weird on the top, but the cloche in general is cute. Designer is Linda Permann.

~Bubble Bag - - It's okay, but nothing special. Looks sturdy though. Designer is Tracy St. John.

~Mischa Mittens - - The look warm, but they look awfully cumbersome. Designer is Danielle Kassner.

~Amelia Hat and Scarf - - I actually think this set is quite cute. Definitely in different colors though. I think the hat is the cutest though. Designer is Elisa Cleveland.

~Flip-Flop Floor Pillow - - As nifty as this is, there is no way I would crochet something that large. Designer is Brianna Mewborn.

~Spring Fever Mittens - - They look cute, for a child's mittens. Designer is Julia Vaconsin.

~Painted Turtle Afghan - - It is okay, nothing special though. Designer is Edie Eckman.

. . . disappointment. This is definitely not an issue that would make me feel the need to get a subscription for Interweave Crochet. Seeing issues like this makes me wish I knew more about crochet to make my own designs. To some how create those things I fail to see in patterns and magazines. But the question always comes up . . . are they/we trying to get something from crochet that is not within the boundaries of crochet? I can't actually answer this, but it makes me want to try.


  1. I really like a lot of these, I always think to get a subscription when you post and then I forget :) I love your reviews, thank you !!!

  2. Some of these designs are lovely. The 'Rose Diamond Tunic' and the 'Tatiana Pullover' especially if I could figure out a way to sinch and or belt just below the bust line. I actually have leggings and shoes that I would match perfectly with the 'Rose Diamond Tunic' :) Know if only I had the skill!

  3. I think I might need to pick up this issue. I love the entrelac... but not the poncho. And to answer your last question, I do think we try to make crochet something it isn't. It has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. That's why I learned to crochet; it just does things knitting can't, but that's a double-edged sword.

  4. Thanks, I was going to buy this, as always, great review.